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  1. Looking for a OEM radio for my 240z. Good, working condition. Thanks, Doug
  2. Trex,

    Thanks - People often guess it is the Ferrari color, but it is just plain old PPG Base Yellow. The guy that painted the car in the mid-90's wanted something easy to match in the event that something happened to the car, so he went with PPG Base Yellow to do that :)



  3. Trex

    Doug love the yellow colour. Can you tell me if this is the ferrari yellow call Galio fly ...not sure if I have the spelling correct.


  4. Yes, I was not crazy about Yellow when I found mine, in fact I almost didn't buy it because it was Yellow. I was going to get an Orange or Blue one. But it was in such great shape with 50K original miles, I decided to go ahead, thinking I might repaint it someday. But once I got it, it has really grown on me and I think it is one of the best looking colors for a 240Z
  5. Sounds like a solid plan Steve. You might want to see if there is a decent Z mechanic near you and let them check out the engine - might be cheaper (and easier) in the long run if there is not much that really needs to be done to the engine rather than swapping it out. Besides, who knows what issues the new engine will have... BTW, you should join the "Yellow Z-Car Club". To do so, you just need to change the "Custom User Title" in the User CP --> Edit Your Details section (under the Optional Information section) to say "Yellow Z-Car Club" Cheers, Doug
  6. until
    Gwinnett Nissan is sponsoring the GZC annual car show this year on November 8, 2008 at Gwinnett Place Nissan. The show is classified as a casual "Show and Shine" so no trophies or prizes are scheduled to be awarded. The show starts at 10:30 AM until late afternoon. Gwinnett Nissan likes to cook out so they will supply lunch and drinks to all show participants. Last year we had almost 50 cars! See you there!
  7. DougN


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