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  1. Looking for a OEM radio for my 240z. Good, working condition. Thanks, Doug
  2. I'm jealous! I really liked it much more than the one that was the topic of this thread. Was really surprised it didn't go higher. If only I had room but I'm already over allowed
  3. That one made it to $15,500 on BAT but did not meet the reserve.
  4. I agree that Bring a Trailer is a great venue to try, lots of serious buyers seem to be on the site. Also agree that for a selling, raise the stance a bit, shoot some more pics and list it on BAT with the appropriate reserve. You might also try Hemmings as another selling venue.
  5. My info is correct (126840) in the January spreadsheet, but not in the November version.
  6. Looks great! Nothing like some shiny new paint! I'm sure spring can't come fast enough now
  7. Sad news indeed. John will certainly be missed, RIP sir.
  8. Looking forward to seeing the progress pics.
  9. I agree, without a signed contract by both parties, the worst that will happen is you're out the $500 deposit and get bad feedback on ebay. Even with a signed contract, plenty of opportunities to not purchase the car without legal recourse from the seller. And, in OP's case, contact would have to be in both English and Norwegian with the translation certified to be true. So, OP can safely not purchase the car at the point. If you really want the car, perhaps another member local to the car could go and check it out and make sure it is as represented before you send any money and see what is going on with the seller.
  10. Nice looking Z. If someone finds out the price, please post it here, curious to see what he is asking.
  11. Are they painting the whole car, or just parts? Bet you can't wait to get it back!
  12. If you get one that has been properly sorted (don't buy a project - spend the money to get one that is "done") using it as a DD should not be an issue. While they are old, they are quite easy to maintain, so keeping it on the road should not be an issue. I would have no concerns using mine for a DD and in years of driving it a few times a week, I've never had an issue. The bigger issue will be DD driving comfort. While you can get working AC in a 240/260/280, it typically doesn't work as well as a modern car. Driving on 90+ temp days even with working AC can be uncomfortable for some - and since you're in Houston, I'm guessing that should be a concern. On any given day, when I decide whether to drive my Z or not, weather/temp is the deciding factor - not reliability.
  13. I have the Toyota front caliper "upgrade" on my Z (with everything else still stock) and my car stops on a dime with it so I'd have to disagree with those who say it's not better than stock.
  14. Looks great, you should send them the before and after shots - they can use them in their ads!
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