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Yes, it will work. Adding a fuel cell means you must be planning some racing or track events, so you are up for some other modifications. Our fuel cell has 2 ports, one for venting and the other is for the fuel pump to draw from. We ran new steel braided lines to the front and do not use a fuel return like to the cell. The fuel pump is mounted next to the fuel cell and a fuel pressure regulator located up at the fire wall then it "T"s to a pressure guage and feeds both ZTherapy SU carbs.

Once the pump purges the air out of the lines, pressure regulator set, carbs dialed in all has worked fine for years.

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Ron is right. Also a race legal fuel cell is HEAVY. I weighed my 12 gallon Fuel Safe cell at 32 lbs. Stock tank can't weigh much more than 10 if that. There isn't really any advantage going to a cell with carbs IMO, so the motivation to install a cell should be rules compliance, or if you're actually road racing impact protection. That cell isn't going to give you either.

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Personally - I am very very unhappy with Fuel Safe - and wouldn't give them the time of day. It's a long story and I'm still too mad to talk about it. But talk about screwing one around and then screwing one over.... yea gad... I don't know how they stay in business.

Visit the ATL sight - download their catalog and price sheets. Select the cell that fits your needs.. then shop the web for prices.

<a href=http://www.atlinc.com/US/racing.html TARGET=NEW> ATL RACING FUEL CELL</a>

Replacing a rusty old fuel tank - on any modified Z - makes perfect sense to me, racing or not.

The plastic containers of the Jazz, Fuel Safe or ATL fuel cells would have to stand up better to a rear end impact than the original thin metal tanks. Plus being filled with safety foam, there is far less chance of explosion or even fire. The safety foam fills the voids normally filled with gasoline vapors - which are very easy to ignite and thus explode. Add to to that the fact that the fuel cell has roll over check valves to prevent gasoline from running out if you wind up - up side down or on the right side of the car.... I should think that almost any fuel cell would have lots of advantages over the stock tin can at the very back of the 240-Z.


Carl B.

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I don't know if I would even consider plastic anything, but would be lighter than metal. Any time invested to up grade something would probably be better to be accepted with various race groups. The 12Gal Fuel Safe worked great for me, I dealt with I/O Port Racing. I liked the square shape, easy to work with and once installed I don't think of it much. ATL & Fuel Safe are what you'll find most in race or track prepped cars. Good luck.

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