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  1. Looks good! Thx for the pictures. My E-brake boot has a tear in it. So, i ordered a new one off ebay. The placement of the snaps was so poor that i just threw it away. I couldn't stand to look at the wrinkles it created.
  2. I was on another forum (firearms centric), and someone posted this commercial that i had never seen before. General consensus was that it was one of the best car ad's ever. 300zx.mp4
  3. Thank you for the reply. I think I'll start calling around to see if anyone still uses solvent based paint.
  4. I'm just about ready to take my z to a body shop for the paint job. As I look at places close to me, the one with the best reviews states on their website that they use waterborne paint. Anyone else use this newer type of paint? If so, is it a close match to the original paint color look?
  5. I see 3-$400 worth of useable parts there. Advertised as "well priced" at 5k? Wow.
  6. Well, that sure sold quick. Cant even see it 4 minutes after you posted this.
  7. ...And the BaT comments on this one are pure gold! "“There is a crack on the driver’s side front fiberglass fender” That is the only one. All other crack was used up during the construction process""
  8. Haha, i posted this one here 6 months ago when it was listed on Ebay... look's like it didn't sell then.
  9. I think your car is beautiful. I've never met an atheist that didn't hate God. Rabbit, keep being you. You're alright.
  10. Good advice above. However, always use "goods and services" for purchases. Even if you have to cover the small 3% fee. Easy to get your money back from paypal in these circumstances... in fact, it is the best way to weed out scammers as they will no longer have the item for sale if you insist on "goods and services". I see your scammer has logged on since this thread: https://www.classiczcars.com/profile/36368-mikegreen008/ Good luck to you!
  11. Could someone please post one of her in the "boobs" thread? Thanks.
  12. 71 240z: Looks like he has most of the engine compartment intact. 15k OBO Might be able to talk him out of the future paint job that come with it. https://spokane.craigslist.org/cto/d/spokane-1971-datsun-240/7439281803.html
  13. Funny! My Dailey driver is a 08' grand prix. One night on the way home from work, i side swiped a deer. Ripped off my passenger mirror. Years later now, i remind myself that my first car (240z) never needed passenger side mirrors. So to this day I've never replaced it.
  14. I called Z Therapy, but they are 11 months out on rebuild exchanges. Then texted Paltech http://paltech1.com/how-to-order/ No response. Then contacted https://www.sucarburetors.com/services They don't work on Hitachi's Next on my search is this company: https://www.applehydraulicsonline.com/collections/datsun/products/copy-of-datsun-tokico-master-cylinder-tokico-sleeved-and-re-built-1 Looks to be an option. 5 stars on google reviews. Anyone else here use them?
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