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  1. Very nice condition! My z is also a 12/70 car. Question though, what is that thing seemingly mounted over the ID plate in the engine bay? I cant really see it in the 2nd engine picture..
  2. Would be a fun project if you could pick it up for less than 10k. Sounds like its missing most of the exhaust system...but it does run!
  3. The "260" logo on the door? If it's a 240 door, i wonder why they would put that sticker on it?
  4. Looking forward to seing it on BaT within the next 12 months...
  5. Poor seller! The listing started out so promising for a 40-50k payout... now he's getting kicked in the balls!
  6. Here's a couple other '73's for reference. Notice the difference in the shape of the "1"?
  7. It does look like the engine number was ground down and re-stamped: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1973-datsun-240z-170/
  8. Thank you for the info! "Adjustable" would be a better description than "non-recline". This will be the last thing i need for the interior. Then, on to the body work.
  9. As I look around at re-upholstery kits, I see two different types, one with recline option or one without: https://jdm-car-parts.com/collections/interior-trim-nissan-datsun-fairlady-z-240z-260z-280z-280zx/products/datsun-240z-1969-1971-seat-cover-set?variant=1045889564 My z is a series one 12/70. However, the seats do recline, albeit only a few inches.
  10. Curiosity got the best of me...so i took down the steering Colum and this is what i have written there: Edit: VIN# 17770 series 1
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