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  1. This is the link of the video. First time that runs by its own.
  2. Tank you very much Carl. The car is not registered yet. Last night was the first time it runs on its own. The only thing I need to do is to finish with the electrical part and check the differential. I Swap , tranny and diff from a 280zx (83). I need the mustache bar from a 280Z and mount to the diff to finish this part. Glenn, to be honest Im very happy with the project, its been 4 and a half years to reach this point. Thank You. Its the best feeling when you see results.
  3. Hi all. Finally she`s alive. Thank you to this forum and some members that help me out with hard to find parts (at least in Panama). I like to thanx Yetterben an Evilz for their help, they make my project possible. My engine is an L28E from a 1983zx but im going to swap to SU carbs. The car in the post is mine but I built this engine for my best friend (single carb at this moment). This site is the best.
  4. One word Beautiful. Thank You for sharing your experience.
  5. Just like to show my new toy. Im going to take all the parts I need to finish my 240 z from this car. The engine is running fine, but I like to swap to carbs and then get some tripples for the second engine. It is very difficult to find these cars here in Panama, so decided to pick up this one as a parts car. Probably I can give this body to a friend of mine who wants to build a car.
  6. Hi yetterben. Can you post pictures of the parts. I also need two connecting rod 9mm nuts just in case you have them. Are you located in United States, because my brother lives in florida and is easy to send him the parts. Thank You
  7. Hello yetterben. Im not sure if they fit either. Let`s see if someone can drive me the right adress. Thank You.
  8. Hi Z fellows. Help me plz. I need the main bearings caps and oil pump pickup for my L24 block. Anyone knows where can I get them. Thank You.
  9. Hey DeMoore. A lot of flakes of rust maybe 5% of the whole area if not wrong. Here is the info to remove the plugs. Took me about 5 minutes.
  10. Finally after removing the frezze plug I recover the tap that was inside the block coolant passages. And now is time to clean the inside of the block. That day was remove tons of rust.
  11. Thank you for your help. Im going to remove the core plugs and let you know what happens.
  12. Thank you for your response. The tool that falls inside the block passages is a TAP. I think is possible to take it out if the freeze plugs are remove. Something I have to do soon.
  13. Hi all. Plz anyone can help me. I was rereconditioning my block and taking all dirt from the threads when the tool falls into one(picture). I was thinking to remove the core plugs to see if Im able to recover the tool. Dont know how bad it is but I dont want that piece of metal inside the block coolant passages (Can`t be a good thing). It is possible to take this thing out. Thank You.
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