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A horrible weekend for me

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3/9/02....the Z rolls. Some f***er cut me off at 7:00 at night :eek:. With the high speed of the roads here in Laguna Hills, CA....there was no chance of my 72 240z stopping in time. The speed limit on the road was 50...so naturally everyone was going about 60. Some guy in a Jetta VR6 cut out to pass the dude in front of him...but he happend to cut right in front of me. I was in the middle lane of a 3-lane road so i slammed on the brakes...let up on them....dodged right and reapplied the brakes....anyone who has driven a Z at those speed and turned while braking knows the feeling...the rear end seemed to life off the ground and kicked out. The front end of my car hit the curb and i rolled twice. Two d**mned rolls!!!!!! The car landed right side up but was totalled. :mad:

The bad part is that just two days before the accident i had put a 1982 L28 with my 72 SU's on it with a brand new clutch and flywheel:( . But luckily we had collision comp on it so i get the money back.

Look at the pics and weep....no Z should ever look like this....

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What a shame. The most important thing is that although the car may be gone you are still here. Anyone walking away from that should be thankful. Cars can be replaced, people can't. Looks like you have everything you need to start another project. You have have everything you put into this car and the good health to be able to do it.

Sorry for your loss but it could have been much worse.

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Sorry to hear and see your loss. I know how you feel. My 1st 240Z went up in a blaze of glory when the center weber carb stuck open and poured gas on the hot header. This was after spending 7 years restoring it to near concourse condition. They only thing that kept mne from really getting bummed out was that I walked away unharmed. Eventially I got another 240 and I am enjoying this one even more. There are a lot of Z's out there.

Glad to see you could walk away from that one.


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the damage is irrepairable. there is more than just the damage u can see in the pics...the rear axel snapped and the exhaust system just fell apart...the cost of repairing it all would be more that i put into the car so i just have to find another 240Z somewhere nearby....

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Man o man, that makes me sick! Glad to hear you came out ok.

Sucks about the car, but as they've said- its replaceable (it just doesn't FEEL like it!)

Hope your doing well- i feel a little better about the crash-worthiness of Z cars after those pics- thats my wifes chief complaint about my cars- someone else is gonna kill me...

Take care & good luck finding another. JA

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OMFG!!! :eek:

Glad to see that your arm didn't come out of the car and get crushed or anything else for that matter!

If you walked away from that accident, you are one lucky son of a bitch!! Count your blessings, and go buy a lottery ticket!

I'm glad to see that you're among the living (walking for that matter). Sorry for the Z, but, it did the job. It protected you.

Now.... tell me something...... wasn't that roll fun as hell?!

(I just love asking that. At the time, it probably doesn't seem like a lot of fun. But, after you think about it.... what an adrenaline rush, eh?! You can't pay for stuff like that)

This is the ONLY time you can ask that question. If anyone got hurt, it wasn't worth the price.

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btw mike....my arm did go out of the car...but only while it was sliding, so i only got a smalle scrape on top of my elbow.

Looking back...i do realize how terribly lucky i am to still be living...but a Z can never be replaced with another Z...ya know?

Also...in response to axrph@wycol.com...the car was incredibly safe. It was retrofitted with shoulder belts which did one hell of a job holding me in place...i didnt moved forward an inch! The frame on those cars are buff and the car is light.

Any new car that wrecked under the circumstances would have killed its occupants just because the frame in the roof is nothing like the Z's...it woulda just crumpled.

There is a little bit of humor though...the accident occured on my way home from Jack-in-the-Box. When i returned to the scene i found a frech fry sitting in the gutter! Despite my mood, i chuckled at the sight.

And to respond to Mike...its hard to say (seeing that it caused the death of my Z), but the roll was the craziest $^!# ever!!! Its kinda weird because while i was rolling i was thinkin "omg this cant be happening to me why me???" but it does give u a rush that youll never get doin anything else...and all i can say is im glad that i lived through and incident that not many people get to live through! But now every time i see a picture of a Z, or hear sirens i feel sick to my stomach...its hard on the psyche but the car is gone from my driveway so that should help a bit!

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