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  1. man....all the things i could do with $95,000...mmmmmmm
  2. nitrous is something you could get away with on a newer engine...but i wouldnt recommend it on an old 280z. plus im totally against nitrous, and really dont like forced induction either. a V8 would certainly to the trick :classic:
  3. i honk at Z's but never a ZX....its aint a Z, its a ZX (no offense to any ZX owners in here ) . however...i had a guy in a 350z roll down his window at the stoplight and started talking to me bout my Z. theres gonna be 2 kinds of drivers for the new 350z....those that buy it as a "classic reborn" and are an avid Z fan....or the pricks who buy its because its fast, you can already tell just by looks of the car.
  4. you put a 4-cylinder engine in your Z **GASP** :stupid: :dead: :mad: and every other face i could possibly make. you poor Z...its been demoted and embarassed. :disappoin
  5. one more of the speaker behind passenger seat
  6. heres another shot from the hatch....
  7. i built one of them boxes that DOHC was talking about...ive got two 6x9's in that. i also put two more 6x9's in their own individual boxes behind the seats....take a lookeey
  8. the only way you would notice a performance increase with triple carbs would be if you had and performance cam. the triple carbs only provide more fuel....not power. So when ur runnin the stock SU's (very good carbs btw, unless uve got the "flattops") and ur up in the high RPM's with some performance mods on the engine...the engine needs more fuel and the SU's cant do that but the triples can provide it....thereby allowin the engine to do what it needs. for performance wise theres so much you can do. Electronic ignition is probably the first thing you would want to do...improves your mileage, idle, and requires less work. A performance cam would help, bigger air horns on the SU's, and E31 head, L28 valves, a nice 2 1/4 exhaust, some headers, theres almost an endless list of things. All depends on your budget and waht u want. all for now...
  9. i saw 2 on the road today...i think the thing looks pretty good. sounds sweet too!
  10. who cares...ITS A HONDA! :stupid:
  11. yeah...ok...like everyone else street racing is probably the dumbest thing ull do, but im sure EVERY Z owner has engaged at least once. Also, dont stoop down to some ricer in a honda...save it for the punks in their mustangs . In any case...being 17 i know the urge and gave in one to many times, the pics speak for themeselves. You try flippin' ur car at 80mph and crawling out the window turning around and seeing ur baby all mangled and beat....not the mention the aftermath. Partaking in a speed contest is a misdemeanor u know? Yeah...well...the legal system will rip u open and let u bleed slowly. Just look....think...and please dont race....(on the street anyway) anything can happen esp if the other guy is a dumbass and cuts u off! Them Z's dont stop to well unless uve done the 4-piston calipers. K well...look at my baby below...
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