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  1. I genuinely appreciate the offer, I do. But I'm looking for a 2000/5-speed roadster. I understand and like tinkering on this old datsun engines.
  2. Yeah - he builds nice roadsters for sure... I've come close to buying a couple from him - very nice guy.
  3. I've been looking for a decent 2000/5-speed roadster for a few years now.
  4. I too have the series-1 choke/throttle mechanism with cables... however, my throttle knob is cracked at the base. A clean crack not immediately noticed but - a crack nonetheless. Any repair tips, and or, suggestions?
  5. you're dead ringer you could be Christian's stunt-double!
  6. Christian Bale nailed it as Ken Miles - though puzzling why they cast Matt Damon as Carrol Shelby. That said, I walked away entertained.
  7. genuinely apologize for the rather poor quality photos - day-light savings finds me home from work without sunlight.
  8. I had a black 1970 Porsche 914 1.7... so much fun to drive. Although, access to the engine was frustratingly limited. That said, I have been keeping an eye out for decent example.
  9. I too thought the same a few months back when I first noticed it. I live in Imperial Beach, about a 15 minute drive away from the seller. I reached out to the seller twice and never received a response.
  10. No question - the FRS is a street legal kart. Great gas mileage and a bullet proof boxer engine. My wife has a new VW GTI (e needed one practical car) but loves to drive the FRS. Anyway, I've been staring at my 240Z off and on all day... soooo happy. I'll never go this long again without a 240Z again!
  11. Thanks! Yes - Still own the FRS... so now I have "Blue" and "old Blue"
  12. Yes - It began with eBay however, the purchase was not made through eBay ;). Interestingly, I was seeking a Datsun 2000 Roadster but came across this car and was immediately drawn. It's particular global journey/story and fit mechanical condition made the decision easy for me. I live in Imperial Beach, San Diego but made the trip up to Modesto to see the car. It pulled hard and felt tight - done! As for the Roadster, maybe in few years. Yes - it did present rust in all the areas where you would expect from operating atop rock-salted roads as this car was also stationed in Germany. That sa
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