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  1. I'm all good - I have found what I needed - thanks for looking ...
  2. Hi everyone Does anyone have a spare R180 diff cover they can sell me? I need it lickety split - I'm in SoCal ... I didn't notice there was some crap on my fill plug, I went to tighten it last night, and cracked the cover ... Let me know? Thank you -e
  3. Hi all Are there any Hybrid Z Admins also lurking on here? I used to have an acct to that site, lost/forgot my password, emailed the admin link asking to have it reset and never heard back from anyone... Can anyone with a working account lend me a hand? I posted in the S30 Parts Swapping Section here that I am looking for a pair of ZX Automatic 4 bolt companion flanges and wanted to post something similar on Hybrid Z to see if anyone out there has a set? Thanks for your assistance if you can help me out... -e
  4. Hi guys A while back I bought the Wolfcreek Racing CV halfshafts and they've worked great. But now I am swapping my struts over to the later larger diameter style and the companion flange that came with them is the 6 bolt type Stock 240Z is 4 bolt and that's what the WCR CV halfshafts are meant to bolt up to... So it looks like I need a pair of ZX Automatic 4 bolt companion flanges... Or I need to have a new adapter made... Any thoughts on this? Anyone have a spare set they'd like to sell me? Thanks in advance, -e
  5. Hi all, If you guys decide to have another tuning event with Keith Franck I'd like to know about it... I'm in SoCal but would consider coming up to NorCal... I actually just posted for the first time on sidedraft central about some mystery 44PHH jet bodies I'm wondering about... -e
  6. Hi all Does anyone recommend a resource for ported intake exhaust manifold gaskets? I was opening the intake holes on one 240Z gaskets on a spindle sander and I have mixed feelings about the results... I thought I had seen some larger diameter intake exhaust gaskets on the net somewhere but can't find them anywhere now 240Z intake gasket port hole is about 36mm I need to get to 40mm for my specific application... Thoughts? Thanks, -e
  7. Quick FYI update guys: I had the opportunity to try out a stock 89-94 240SX 15x6 steel rim over the MK63 calipers. It cleared the caliper but required a 5mm wheel spacer not to rub due to the 240SX' different offset. Stock C10 rim size was 14" with 6.45 s14 tires which equates to a 175/70R14 or 185/65R14 Maybe this is useful info for someone else?
  8. Hi all, I've got a 1970 240Z rear window with the original vertical defroster lines intact. These are getting rarer every day, and there's the big MSA show coming up next month. It's obviously big and fragile and I'd really rather NOT ship it. It's located in Pasadena (91102) and I'd like to get $150 obo for it. If there are no takers here, then I'll probably put it on eBay. -e
  9. Hi, If anyone is considering (or has already) replaced their stock seat belts for aftermarket (racing) ones, then I'd like to buy your stock belts for my C10 skyline... Let me know if interested, Thanks -e
  10. Hi Alan This is just for spare tire purposes only. My C10 currently does not have a spare and with the 700mile drive I need to do with the car in a couple weeks I don't want to run the risk of getting a flat in the middle of the desert. Glad to hear 14"s (with a wheel spacer) will fit over MK63 calipers... I'll order one up today. Thanks Alan. -e
  11. they are also known as the FIA Caliper option that was available through Nissan's competition department back in the day... So not a factory installed option, but instead a factory available racing option. Do you have them on your car?
  12. Fellow Skyline owners, (I'm still getting used to how that sounds... ...) How many of you have the optional MK63 4piston calipers on the front of your Skyline? While you may be running 15" or larger diameter wheels, have you tried fitting 14" steelies over these calipers? Did your car come with a 14" steel spare in the trunk? Let me know please, Thanks. -e
  13. Oh ok... Wow bend to fit, eh? Cool! Thanks mister...
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