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  1. It works, but sometimes, the glass still doesn't sit right. I've had to push on the glass a bit to get it to sit properly. Then again, I'm just a backyard mechanic.
  2. If you're not going to pull the glass out, a trick I learned a long time ago may help. Carefully lift up the rubber and put some string under it. This will keep the rubber off the metal and get the paint where it belongs. Make sure to clean well or you'll get dust and who-knows-what else all over your nice new paint.
  3. Here in Hawaii, all oil is refined by Chevron or Tesoro. All oil refined in Hawaii comes from Indonesia. Different additives make it turn into Shell, ARCO, Union 76, etc. The "Katrina" explanation for the sharp rise in gas prices didn't hold much water here, but living on an island with an oil Oligopoly, there's not much that can be done . . . we just can't drive over to the next county or state for cheaper gas.
  4. IF you have time . . . Toyota Museum in Aichi Prefecture. Nissan Parts - Yokohama Nissan Parts Warehouse. They also have one in Sagami somewhere. There is a big Nissan Auto Mall in Sagami where the Nissan Sagami factory once stood. There is a Skyline museum in Nagano Prefecture. Rubber Soul in Fujisawa (parts). Victory 50/Uchida Motor Works in Tokyo. Wish I were you . . . . .
  5. My eyes hurt just looking at the computer monitor. I can imagine what it looks like in full sunlight. I'm not too crazy about it, but it's your car. If it suits you, that's fine.
  6. Actually, the Japanese government made Ford up their stake in Mazda and now they're the majority owner. Globalization at its best.
  7. Lucky no one was hurt and the Z escaped damage. Maybe it's time to move? Or maybe put up some barriers like a wall or fence?
  8. I believe Japan required two mirrors on the front fenders. They did not go to the door mounted type for a long time, and they still produce cars with the fender mirrors.
  9. Darbji, we love you. You come here and contribute a lot of information and ask meaningful questions. Forgive the idiots, they can't help themselves. Guys, treat the Ladies with the respect they deserve . . . some of them know more than you do. P.S. I love the avatar . . .
  10. Grundy for me. Haggerty doesn't do business in Hawaii and my primary insurer, USAA, offers Haggerty as their collector car insurer. State Farm advertises heavily, but they don't tell you that you need to insure all your cars with them to get the collector car insurance (expensive). I only pay $199.00 for the Skyline.
  11. Since you brought it up . . . . Just where do these politicians think that electricity to power the "non-polluting cars" come from? Unless it's a solar powered electric vehicle, that electricity most likely comes from an oil or coal burning monstrosity.
  12. Obama grew up here in sunny Hawaii. Although he went to the elite private school founded by the white missionaries, he probably experienced a lot of prejudice, pain and hurt because he's black. Don't be fooled by Hawaii's "melting pot" reputation. This is possibly the most racially divided, prejudiced place in the whole world. HOWEVER, we have learned tolerance and that's what keeps us from killing each other. What bothers me is that we are often told who won the election before we get to vote. It makes us feel insignificant, like our vote doesn't count. And our dismal voting record show
  13. If you have the time and the space, fix it slowly. No need to dump lots of money all at once . . . slowly, as it comes. If not, try to sell to someone else who can fix it. Last resort is to chop it up for parts. I feel your pain . . . .
  14. I think the problem is not so much the talking, but the writing. People tend to write the way they talk, and then it gets all screwed up. I agree that "proper English" (and who knows what THAT is - British, American, Australian, New Zeland) has its place and we should strive to use it when the situation arises, but we all have our own regional dialects too. I no tink you guys would know what I was talkin about if I wen write da way I talk sometimes. My biggest gripe: Improper use of the apostrophe.
  15. sakijo


    Yeah, I'm waiting on the new GT-R.
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