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  1. Mike, Thank you, Thank you! That's PERFECT! The key element in the recordings for this is to gather as many "steady" sets as possible. What I mean by steady is to get a sample of the engine at idle, for example, as steady as possible for a minimum of 10 seconds [or so]. The longer the sample, the smoother the looping can be made and therefore the more realistic it will sound. Next up would be as long a sample as possible at 1500 RPM [or so]. Again, target length would be around 10 seconds. And so on, and so on, up through the RPM range as much as you're comfortable. No need to redline the engi
  2. Okay, a bit of an odd request but here goes... Would anyone be interested in helping me gather up some sound recordings of their 1st Gen 240/260/280Z? A student in the UK made a nice computer model version of the 240Z for the rFactor2 Racing Simulator program. However he did not have access to the proper sound samples necessary to make it sound right. When I saw his work, I helped him with refining it a bit - getting the 4SPD and 5SPD gear rations correct, tweak the suspension specs to make it handle properly, etc. All that's left is a proper sound pack for it. For those unfamiliar, these type
  3. I hope that doesn't mean you're "gone". I haven't posted in a while [+2 years - you don't want to know] but you input here was very helpful while I was working on my Z. Rick [still housing the Z in the garage] Stratton - Miami, FL
  4. Glad to know I'm not the only one! I guess being married to an English teacher for 20 years has rubbed off on me a bit. Funny thing is, it doesn't bother her one bit. She points out to me that the English language (as well as all languages I'm sure) is an ever evolving creature. Point in case; 15th or 14th century "English" is almost unrecognizable today. I only wish my grade school teacher had felt the same way, sure would have saved my knuckles from feeling her wrath after turning in less than perfect writing assignments! Then again, I guess that kind of teaching is "old school" now too.
  5. When did the word "ESCAPE" become "ECKSCAPE"? (or exscape if you want to make any kind of effort to use the englick language). Same goes for "ASK" as opposed from "AXE" ... Just a semi-annual rant from an oldtimer...
  6. - my new desktop wallpaper!
  7. We are greatly saddened to hear of your loss - Carrie and Rick
  8. FWIW - I downloaded the file from Google video, plucked the actual link out of the gvp file and downloaded it as an AVI file. I found a little utility on the net called Gvi2Avi which converts the video from a Google "encrypted" file into a regular DIVx encoded AVI file. Wow, what a difference! Can run it full screen now and it looks spectacular - not the blocky, stuttering video when streaming from the Google server. It only takes a few extra minutes but it's well worth the effort.
  9. Keep 'em comin, PLEASE! I could watch that on an endless loop and never get tired of it, especially while mine is laid up for repairs. I've been thinking it would be great fun to gather a collection of videos from the members here, just a few minutes each as a passenger in their Z's. Pick a spot in your hometown, or a favorite place you like to drive, and share it for all to see. As we have members all over the world, and now with places like Google Video or YouTube to post them for free...? Whenever I get mine roadworthy, I promise to contribute. Question: Did you do anything special to elimi
  10. Given how much those Hemi's are worth these days, it doesn't suprise me at all, especially if it's an older Hemi block.
  11. -44- in a couple of months. The restoration has fizzled for a bit while I try to figure out how to put two kids through college. Anyone need a kidney?:nervous:
  12. Wow! No, wait... I think it's more like W:knockedouW!
  13. Perfectly said. It was a hugely common problem back in the mid 70's when mechanics were forced to "de-tune" all those high compression, high horsepower engines of the late 60's - early 70's to deal with the switch to unleaded and lower octane gas. You retarded the timing in an effort to minimize pinging, but the consequence could be dieseling if you went too far. Richening up the fuel mixture also helped to avoid ping, but again exacerbated the dieseling problem. Z-Train has it perfect; timing, idle, mixture
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