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  1. Dans240z

    ByeBye Z

    Yes, I want to get rid of the rolling body. The wheels and tires are worth much more than the body I'd believe. Is five hundred dollars a reasonable number? Though there is some serious rust on the car, the frame rails and floor pans are new.
  2. Dans240z

    ByeBye Z

    There are photos in my User Gallery. I'm selling the black car. There are pictures of the condition. Though the car is taken apart, all the body panels are included. The photos on this site are from various stages of my ownership.
  3. Dans240z

    ByeBye Z

    Hi, My name is Dan Wetmore. I've been a member of this site for about four years; around the time I purchased my first 240z. It was also around that time that I started a band. Back then I didn't know exactly where my life would go; Z or band? I've been very fortunate in the past few years and my band is doing things that I could have never imagined. This is very unfortunate for my Z car, however and I need to sell the poor girl. It's a well rusted 1973 240z taken pretty much all apart. It rolls on some pretty darn expensive Compomotive ML wheels, but that's about all I can offer. I really need the space that the body takes up. What should I ask for the body and wheels? $500? $250? I'd just like to know what people think. I really need to get rid of this car. I really miss having time for my cars, but I suppose that's how life goes.
  4. Ouch, that really sucks. I'm sorry ed. Just keep in mind, you have such a beautiful car, it's going to be well worth taking care of. Just like fixing a brand new car. Good luck.
  5. Black wheels mean business, and they look fantastic with your paint. The stance is somewhat reserved, but it still looks like it wants so go out and fight. So cool.
  6. Dans240z


    I like this picture alot. That's one cute kid.
  7. Merry Christmas friends. Hope everyone has a relaxing time and eats alot!
  8. Dans240z


    I'm really drawn to this car. The headlight covers and that cool color make it look so european. The chrome strip above the doors really looks good here.
  9. Dans240z


    I love this picture, it's so well taken, it's like a painting. And sheesh, I love that car.
  10. I admire this 2+2, it looks fantastic. Such a tough stance, looks almost muscle car like. Love the engine too!
  11. I need the chrome as well. I'm able to get my current plastic looking pretty good.
  12. Scared me for a few days!
  13. I use premium. I guess that's because it has the extra octane that the lead once offered. I never worry about the valve faces, they're pretty far gone, I don't know if there is much that I can do about helping that. I have never tried regular though, maybe it would run just as well. In my earlier post I was taking about putting regular in the family maxima.
  14. Yeah, it looks alittle bland. Just my two cents.
  15. For thanksgiving we always go down to NC. Whille passing through Virgina we got some regular for $1.90, no joke. No problems with quality, good power, no knocking. Ha, I think the station was a Kangaroo. Never heard of that before. But yeah, $1.90 nonetheless.
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