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From good to bad in .1 seconds


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So it starts off as a nice sunny day. I decide to take the Z for a spin. Let it warm up and off I go. I get around a mile from home and WHAM! The engine shuts off. I have that feeling like something just broke. Turn her over and there is no compression.:dead:

I get her home and start looking, pull the valve cover and the camshaft sprocket had come loose :stupid: I can only blame myself. I remove the rockers to see if there is any valve damage. Well so far five of the intake valves are bent. I haven't even gotten to the exhaust. Aaargggg!!! I am not happy.

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Yep, happened to me 6 or so years ago.

The tapered dowel gave way with a resultant tap, tap ,tap and loss of power.

From that day onwards, every time I have the cover off the head, first thing I checked was the security of the dowel.

Hopefully there is no piston damage, apart from a nick or two, but you have a major job coming up on the head.

What can I say? Apart from advising all that read this thread to CHECK your dowel regularly.


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After your fifth sentance, I was expecting to find your car had an unexpected intimate moment with a cement truck! I am glad to hear that the damage was all invisible, even though no damage would have been far better. It is good to know your car won't be totalled over some bent valves and fallout. A little time and money and it will be good as you had it. One bright spot on the horizon, with your car there is not room for W.A.I.T.!


but I

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