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  1. Lots of extras. Recently certified for sale. check out the link...http://www.mde-canada.com/260z.htm Make me an offer...
  2. I have a Tach you can have for $3,000. There's a catch. You'llhave to take th rest of the car wtih it!
  3. That E-Prod looks pretty beefy. Is that design based on certain class standards? How much does that weigh? The honda cage looks pretty good though I can find good tie-in points on the frame members and strut towers in the rear, Anybody have a good suggestion for good tie-in points in the front?
  4. Thanks for the link... Im only planning to solo II the car, Although not even necessary, A cage is obviously a good idea, but im trying to keep it light, with enough structure to stiffen the car a bit.. I'd normally design this thing myself, since this is what I do, but I wanted to get some discussion going on people's experiences with specific designs.
  5. I'm looking for a roll cage design for a 240 I'm building from scratch. Just looking for plans. Can fabricate locally.. Any suggestions?
  6. Like sthe sunroof on the 2+2. Aftermarket I assume? Considering putting one in the 240 i'm rebuiliing. Any reason not to? Any particular aftermarket model better than the other? It ist a straightforward job? Does it effect the flex or torsion of the car? Anyway, Interior good. Seats need recovering in front. Backs are truly mint. Carpets are tired but functional. Dash is cracked (oh surprise there!).. um.... side panels are pretty good. Armrests have been replaced. No-one has yet spoken for it.......
  7. David McMillan

    Z Rush

    Nice machine! great work! A credit to your fellow enthusiasts.
  8. I',m 20mins West of Toronto. Its about 1 1/2 hours to downtown Buffalo (depending on the mood of the boarder patroll) There are directions on my web site at: http://www.mde-canada.com/contact.htm I've got many spares, and yes! the Webbers are still strapped in! Wouldnt have it any other way... GGRRrrr... Mods : upgraded swaybars, 13" steering wheel rebuilt tranny DCOE 40's (properly tuned!) Urathane steering coupler, and bushings Falken Azenis (awesome tires lots of life.) Toyota 4 piston calipers (best upgrade ever!) Re-enforced Moustache bar. New water pump ( A FEW MORE i JUST CANT REMEMBER RIGHT NOW...) (seats and floors need work and a little paint touchup.) The only reason I dont keep it is I'm doing a 240 from scratch strictly for racing and I just dont have the room...
  9. Make: DATSUN Model: 260Z Model ext: 2+2 Asking Price: $5,500 (Canadian) (a bargan for you US folks!) Mileage: 110000 Headline: VINTAGE DATSUN Z CAR Ad copy: 1974, DATSUN, 260Z CLEAN, FAST and SOLID. Raced in autocross for two years as a top performer. Many performance upgrades. Certified last fall for sale. Spare parts (too many) and good Z club support. I'm a reasonable guy and will probabily accept a reasonable offer. Appraised at $6,500 http://www.mde-canada.com/260z.htm (great movies) Dave: 905-607-1609
  10. http://www.mde-canada.com/260z.htm david @mde-canada.com let me know what you think... djm
  11. http://www.mde-canada.com/260z.htm This one is for sale.... (just in case you reconsider)
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