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  1. Thought I was buying a Nissan filter when ordering from Motorsport Auto because they look just like the OEM product with color and characters. Any thoughts on quality of these filters? Also, any thoughts on why the idea of not seeing a Nissan filter under the hood bothers me? Thanks!
  2. Hi guys, any update on this? I've got a similar issue, lots of wiggle from the shifter in 3rd. Only while driving, nothing with clutch disengaged. Transmission was recently rebuilt by a reputable shop.
  3. Love that we're all so dorky on this stuff. Not that this will have me pulling the wheels at a green light, but would like to get thoughts on best plug match. Setup is 280 block, 280zx distributor, standard coil, SU's.
  4. Sorry about that, thought it was clear. I installed a new fuel pump and the intermittent stumbling problem appears to be solved. Did richen up the front carb during tune-up, which appears to have fixed the detonation I was hearing. Only issue now is I need to get the OEM fuel pump rebuilt so I can return to the stock look. New fuel pump off the shelf is an ugly one.
  5. Problem solved, running great! FYI, consulted with a local Z expert and the fuel filter not being topped off is normal. Thanks all for help!
  6. All tuned up. Fuel pump pickup today, I'll report back after install.
  7. Has always run great, this is a new issue. Yes on return line, no restrictor I can see.
  8. Alright, so we've ruled out a pump issue at the tank. No cracked fuel lines. So are we down to either failing fuel pump (block) or float levels? Thanks team!
  9. I've searched everywhere around the tank, no filter to be seen (or felt). Rubber hoses connect directly to the hardliners. Where specifically would it be?
  10. No, I do not believe so. Only fuel pump is mechanical at the block.
  11. Carbs balanced. But take a look at this...does it look like my fuel level is low in my filter while at idle? Sucks all the way down to the bottom of the paper filter when rpms are increased.
  12. Thanks @SteveJ Carbs balanced and set to correct mixture. Shaved E88 to get to 10:1 compression on an N42 block (pinging is a new issue). Plugs look good.
  13. Hi team! I have an on/off (random, every couple weeks recently) hesitation under load through all gears. Fine to idol and get off the line, but as I add more gas, it stumbles and feels like it is choking. I heard detonation under this while driving last night. I thought I'd limp home but it mysteriously fixed itself and full performance came back. New fuel filter in the engine bay, checked plugs and they are fine. 280 block, head was redone about a year and a half ago, same time added new Ztherapy carbs. 280zx dizzy and standard coil. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance, pic below f
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