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  1. Just some notes from a 260 owner... I have the same symptoms if I don't put on my seatbelt. Under the seat, you can disconnect the seat switch which will eliminate your need to put on the seatbelt to start the car. Also, your electric fuel pump in the back by the tank will not kick in until the engine is running at or above 400 rpm.
  2. I went this year, in fact I went over and said hello to motorman7 (really nice guy) and mentioned that I'd send him a note... So here is my note to you. Great show, and extraordinary cars. I didn't stick around to see the winners, but I'm guessing that the guy with the dirty 260Z labeled "untouched and unrestored" won. He won 3 years ago when I entered. I concluded that I couldn't beat a car that wins just because it's never been touched. How can "anyone" compete with that?
  3. Here is another shot of the choke cables from my 74 260, I've been looking for new ones also and they don't come up very often and when they do they are quite expensive. If you find a good source let us know. Mike
  4. These guys would probably rebuild them for you. http://www.paltech1.com/id2.html Not sure it's worth it and I have no idea what quality their work is. I got rid of my flat tops in the mid 80's... replaced them with webers... Then I replaced the webers with round tops in the late 90's. Now I'm happy
  5. Looks like the Alfa Romeo club is going to be meeting there this Sunday also (need to read the thread)... http://www.alfabb.com/bb/forums/car-events/176777-super-car-sunday-woodland-hills-schedule.html Should be a party! I'll be there, hopefully the old bucket of bolts has another trip up the 101 in her.
  6. Sounds great. I live about 15 minutes away and go often. The last Sunday of the month is the biggest meet and it ends early (around 10am)... Also, this Sunday is "Ferrari day" and the one year anniversary of Super Car Sunday, so it might be crowded and difficult to get parking together. If we can get a group together, I'd be happy to join in. I know there are some other locals around here that would probably join in as well. If your going to stop at Irwindale on the way, I'd suggest leaving earlier than 7. Those Ferrari's are like little bugs at Super Car Sunday, ya just can't get rid of them
  7. Awesome restoration. I can tell you from first hand experience that polishing a set of carbs like that requires an insane amount of time and effort. In fact my carbs took so much work that I have decided not to put them on my Z. they sit on my desk in my office and I treat them like a work of art. Hat's off to you for doing the work and using them!
  8. Thought I'd put my 2 cents in on this one since I actually spent the time to figure out what that part is... It's for AC, and it is used to connect ductwork down to the floor. take a look here: http://carfiche.com/fiche009/s30/4/i01.gif You will see that hoses 60 and 64 connect to the part you have in the picture. As of last year all of the ducts were still available. For part numbers, look here: http://carfiche.com/fiche009/s30/4/h02.gif I bought 50, 51, and 54 (take a look at the description for 56, it's the plug for the missing duct that goes to the floor) Hope this helps.
  9. Wow, I'm both sorry to hear about this, and simultaneously concerned. I wouldn't want to accidentally pull in there. Are you in the L.A. area? San Diego? Thanks, I'd really like to avoid this guy if at all possible.
  10. use this: http://carfiche.com/fiche009/s30/ Or buy the club CD
  11. The parts are out there. I have a lot of luck looking up part numbers then going to www.nissanparts.cc or www.courtesyparts.com and ordering them. If you get stuck on a specific part, ask about it, someone will probably be able to help you. Personally there hasn't been a single part I haven't been able to find and I'm fairly particular (see attachment).
  12. this thread should help you, The hoses are still available: http://www.classiczcars.com/forums/showthread.php?t=25857
  13. I have a 260 and just snapped a couple pictures for you. On a 260 the heater hoses don't actually go through the firewall. They connect to the item in photo #2 with the blue caps. I didn't run the coolant lines through the intake manifold. It just doesn't get cold enough here in Los Angeles to warrant it. Hope it helps Mike
  14. I bet you can get that part. Don't bother calling anyone, they don't want to bother looking it up. Someone should double check this.. But I believe you want part number 27168-E4400 and nissanparts.cc has it for $7.34. Just order it from them and I bet you'll get it. courtesyparts.com has it on their price list also for $8.28. Let us know if you get it! Edit: I think the defroster hose you want is 27161-E4401 and it's listed for $8.62
  15. If your referring to the ducting that goes to the eye-ball vents, it's still available (for my 260 at least) through Nissan. I bought both sides about 8 months ago from nissanparts.cc Prior to going to Nissan, I searched for an alternative also and couldn't find a good one.
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