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  1. My Z got a tuneup and replaced both wheel cylinders, and rear brake hoses.
  2. Do you have the JDM headlight covers, love mind, installed 1977.
  3. Hunter260Z

    Stolen 240Z

    I'm so happy you got your Z back,that's one nice Z car. Love the color,looks a lot like mine. How did you track it down.
  4. Hunter260Z

    Newest addition to the garage.

    That's just awesome.Can't wait to see the finished product.
  5. Hunter260Z

    1970 HLS30-00765 on Ebay

    Radiator missing a decal Need the correct hose clamps Paint code decal missing Agree with post #5#7. If someone is going to pay this price, then everything, and I mean everything should be correct.
  6. Hunter260Z

    Z car for daily driver?

    The first time I took a test drive at the Datsun dealer I was hooked big time. So if you go test drive a Z you best have some money in your back pocket. I've been hooked for 40 yrs.
  7. Hunter260Z

    1969 HLS30-00182 on Ebay

    If the headlight buckets,grill and the front bumper are in the car ,then why were they taken off. The Z looks to me to have sat in a field, then moved to the barn. Looks more like a parts car to me.
  8. Hunter260Z

    Interpart spoiler

    Could not find a find a BRE spoiler back in 1976, so I settled for a Interpart. I was told this was a knockoff from the BRE. So what's the difference.
  9. Hunter260Z

    Off to ontario!

    Yep, 15" Panasports with 205/55/15 tires. Wish mine had the chrome lip.
  10. Hunter260Z

    Off to ontario!

    That looks great. Need some Rims like mind.
  11. Hunter260Z

    240z vs 260z front and rear spring height

    Oized Is this for a early model 260z. There is a difference between early and late model.
  12. There are also two different spring perch heights on the 260z. You have to measure from the base of the tube where it joins the spindle,to the lowest point of the perch.Usually where the end of the spring end seats into the perch.The early model measures 9.25", the late model measures 9.75".This was how I came up with the difference in spring heights. Sorry I didn't want to confuse anyone. I had to find my notes going back to 2002. When i installed a late model spring perch with Motorsports springs the ride height was 0.5" to high. Hard lesson to learn.
  13. If I were you I would cancel the order. There is a .5 inch difference between the early model and late model springs for the front. Been there done that. Not sure on the back. The 74 springs also have a different spring rate.
  14. I would replace all 4 springs and shocks, and install bump stops on all corners. The best place to look, would be Motorsport Auto.
  15. Hunter260Z

    280z 5 speed and 280zx 5 speed differences

    Someone on this site makes a modified shifter. So yes you are going to have to bend it.

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