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  1. Thanks for all the replies. Yes the A/C will be an issue. I've gotten spoiled with modern cars having a super cold A/C. And humidity removal is necessary to defog the windshield. Right now I live with my grandma and she wishes I would drive her car at least once a week because it is rotting away from not being driven enough. I can borrow it if the Z is down. When Crystal and I get married next year and I move in with her, I'll be able to use her car if need be. And she works in the the apartment complex where she lives and where we're gonna live, so she doesn't need a car to get to work. So I guess you could say to an extent I would have a "back up". But the A/C thing kinda bugs me. So I assume most parts for the Z have to be mail ordered??? I talked to my mechanic today. I asked if they would work on an early '70s 240. He said they generally don't like to work on cars that old but will. Since I've never driven one or even sat in one, the next step is to find one for sale and sit in it. I'm a big guy and may decide the car is too small for me. I've been driving Crown Victorias and Grand Marquis for 12 years now. Something I just thought of-I work at a machine shop with flexible hours. You can get to work and leave when you want to as long as you get at least 40 hours a week. If there's no A/C in the car, from June-September I can get there before 9am and leave after 8pm. That will help a little.
  2. Hello to all. I'm Bill in Houston. This is my first post here. I'm about to buy a car for my girlfriend-she doesn't have a car now. I drive a '06 Grand Marquis and was thinking of getting her a '07-09 Marquis(those cars are reliable and have such poor resale value). But I've been fascinated with the Z cars since I was a kid. I thought about getting a 240/260/280Z for me and give her my car. Are mechanical parts for them still easy to find? Are they fairly reliable? Would one make a good daily driver? I won't be able to have the Z for an "extra", it will have to be my way to work if I get one. I'm not really concerned with cosmetics or finding body parts-just keeping it running good.
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