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  1. HI! Reno here also (near Mayberry & hunter Lake). It's great to have you here! -Mike
  2. I say fire them all & start fresh. also Cars. cheeaaaa.:bandit:
  3. Too many youngins with more balls than brains. I'm 21 but was raised by a racer. Rule number 1: you go fast on the track, don't act like an a$$ on the street.
  4. Darwinism. The gene pool posthumously thanks him. /heartless
  5. turbo240

    A nice video

    I liked the red z losing it. even when they spin they're graceful looking...
  6. I say, Screw the children. The world is over populated anyway. /cold heartless ba$tard :pirate:
  7. http://speedhunters.com/archive/2008/06/17/car-feature-gt-gt-battle-s30z.aspx That Z is CLEAN. Also, anyone know where I can get a set of those flares? :devious:
  8. Are you planning on selling these?
  9. I wouldn't doubt it. I hope so actually, I'd like to ask him some questions...
  10. well its more deserving than another 240 with a half finished RB swap IMO points for awesome, points away for being ugly as sin
  11. Welcome aboard! This is a great community, you'll like it here!
  12. That just might be the sexiest thing I have ever seen in my life... Oh god, I want it.
  13. Its sweet when people flame on this site. If you like starting problems so much then please go to hybridz, (they seem to like it over there) ,or do it over PM so those of us that are here for Z CAR CONTENT (not cat fights) can view Z CAR CONTENT. Anyway, back to said Z CAR CONTENT: I'm excited to see how this turns out. Have you thought about steering angle at all? If you're going to compete with the Corollas & 240SXs you're going to need to be able to hang it out there a little further than stock will allow.
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