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    I own a 1972 240 z with a 280+ engine swap.Zg flairs carbon bre front end carbon race mirrors full rust restoration.Race scca and time attack events drift in new mexico.Also have a 240 sx project car in the works.Nissan Datsun addict.

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  1. There is nothing better than a really fast corner entrance(to fast)light brakes,downshift to second,stabilize the chassis,Then hold the throttle down.I will pass you.sorry....s30 rule...
  2. Good to see you here.This is a great site and has helped me in so many ways to fix and upgrade my s30z.Most of the guys keep their cars to original condition and do not modify their rides.I love to mod my z and try to get more performance.I do agree with some of the guys posts,that going to low does definatally kill performance,and drivability.I would be careful about that.My z is really low and need to take it easy over speed-bumps and dirt driveways.Other than that the car is a grip monster and wins its class at our scca autocross.Its really a weekend warrior.Good luck with your project and post some photos of your 260!!!!, James Salvato

  3. Never new how tuff you guys could be on someone who does not have your opinion.Live and let live.
  4. You talk a lot.Lets see your z.I will tell you what we think....

  5. 2 and a half is what all say is the best for a nice exhaust.I run 3 inch and feel i am losing some bottom end power.Car still seems fast but some local z thugs told me i am leaving power on the table with my set up.It was a turbo car before but running su setup now.James Salvato Santa Fe New Mexico usa....
  6. I know that the hardcore traditionalists will never understand the mod scene with a 70s z.You like it stock(and slow)...I love a true clean vintage all original s30,s and respect that.I am sort of a traditionalist and would allways keep it nissan.This v8 car breaks all the rules but i still respect the hours this guy put in his zcar.I would take his car over any original z i have seen.Believe me I have seen some clean s30s.At least he is in the running.Give em a break.
  7. You have got to be kidding me.You got my vote.You have to understand that we are a very special and exclusive part or vintage car culture.Even if yu update your ride(like i have and will )its still a datsun.you go boooyyyyy!!!!
  8. To confuse the masses(dumbasses)I shaved all emblems.Make them think..... James Salvato
  9. Hi Steve, I used msa floor boards and fit well with a little work.I do admit that I only welded in sections that were rusted.I did not use the complete floorboard.It worked great for my application. James Salvato
  10. Hey Padam07, Looks a little rough.Mine was rougher when I purchased it in 2005.You did the right thing to purchase a s30 z.I remember how pumped I was when I bought mine.It never wears off.I still see mine in the front yard every day and get excited.There is somthing very special about these cars we tinker with.It will take tons of hard resto work but you will enjoy the process.Have fun and good luck.When you have a question about any z car,come to this site and the anwser will be there. James Salvato
  11. That sounds great.I will be there. James Salvato
  12. welcome to our world. James salvato s30 z 1972 s13 240 sx 1989 celica trd 2001 tacoma trd 2001
  13. Great photo. s30 datsun s13 nissan 2001 celica 2001 tacoma James Salvato
  14. You are very lucky.That is a very rare car where I live.I have seen these before in race trim.All I can say is BAD arse.good luck. James Salvato
  15. I know this is a classic z car site.I just want to see what all you guys think of the new 370z car.Nissan is pushing the new car as a future 240z.It is shorter and wider than a 350z.Bigger and better motor as well.Some might not have heard about it.The shape of the windows reminds me of a car I know.I know some love it and others do not like it.What is your opinion. James Salvato S30 240z 1972 S13 240sx 1989 future drift project trd celica 2001 daily trd taco 2001 4x4 extra cab daily
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