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    From one newbe to another. I joined a mere 6 weeks ago, hang around here for a bit and you will find more information than one man could possible absord, (except alan). This is a great site, and the creator and head egg does it for nothing. Kudos to MIKE. Have fun Salem!
  2. I hate it ! I hate it ! I hate ! Go back to the old style as fast as possible. Change is BAD I'm going to go upstairs and iron my liesure suit, perhaps straighten my bell bottom collection. Really, the new style is fine. For me though, I live in the dark ages and still use a modem connection. This causes my time to triple when trying to read posts. I really appreciate all your hard work Mike. Thank You!
  3. This information is not from me. (i'm to new to know any of this). I found this guys site helpful. Not a ton of information but whats there is good. Follow the advice givin from the members of this site, but I thought this might be helpful as well. CLUNKING REAR END This is the bane of all Zcars, it's almost impossible to completely fix. It can have many causes, but is almost never caused by the internals of the differential, especially if it's an R-200. The following are all the places the clunking can exist: . worn out mustache bar bushings (replace with urethane) . u-joints on the halfshaft ends are loose and worn-out (common, replace them) . tighten all the mounting bolts/nuts on both ends of the halfshafts . front differential mount broken (try tightening the 14mm nut in the bottom first) . driveshaft bolts loose . ball bearings/grooves in halfshaft body worn (replace halfshaft) . tighten the two large nuts that hold the differential to the mustache bar . shocks bad or loose in strut I personally think most of the time it's caused by the mustache bar bushings. These thin rubber bushings rot and flex and let the bar clunk the floor on acceleration.
  4. 2-77zs


    Let me share a little something with all of you, FREEKY PEOPLE! I'm sitting here in my nice cozy chair, as usual being entertained by you all. Reading this little humorous post, when I get to those freeky, awful, disgusting, creepy, spider pics you all posted. Just then I feel something crawl up leg, my skin tightens and my spine twitches as I reach down to feel the uninvited now making his way up my leg. All in my head you may ask??? I thought that also, until I feel it, hard round and very unexpected. So off I go, screaming like a little girl. My wife and kids in bed, me dancing around the office like a choreographer on a bad cocaine twist. After I settle down a bit, I look up at the screen and see all these nice pics of creepies, so I begin to search for my attacker. Oh I found him alright. He was a little green piece of fuzz hanging from the bottom of my chair fabric by a little string. FEEL STUPID?? Yeah you could say that! Thanks for freaking me out , love you guys.
  5. Thanks Mike! As stated, we appreciate all your time and effort. I should have moved faster, and for that forgive me. THE CHeCK IS IN THE MAIL!!!!!!!! And unlike all the other times I've said this, this time I actual mean it.
  6. I would venture to say that most mechanics would agree, that these additives have very "limited" purposes. The oils that we use today are drastically improved from the 1950's when things like marvel came out. I also assume it to be correct that you should shy away from even synthetics oils as the age of a motor increases, unless started out on synthetics, they will do more harm then good. So, it's my opinion that any OIL additives would not be used in my car, just fresh and often checked and changed oil. 2 cents given!
  7. Not sure if any of you have already read this, but I thought I would post it up. Not a ton of information, mostly an outlook, but an OK article nonetheless. Oh yeah, theres very hot babes on the page, so becareful to all of you don't want to look at fine women. Unfortunately no naked boobies.......Bummer! http://www.maximonline.com/the_ride/articles/article_4783.html
  8. This Job is coming up for me around the end of the month. You guys are NOT helping me to look forward to it. How much are new control arms??????
  9. If you live in the United States you're American. But, when you're in the Bathroom. EUROPEAN. AHAHAHAHAH I kill me!!
  10. Peace be with all of you on this most humbling day. Families and loved ones of those who died at the WTC, the Pentagon, flight 93 in PA. and the members aboard the aircraft used that day. Grace be with you.
  11. Back before I was married I swore I would only marry a women that loved cars, almost as much as I did. Standing in the magazive section of Barnes and Nobles one fine day, I saw a very goodlooking woman reaching for a HotRod magazine. Bells and whistles, they were all going off, Make your move TS, my fumbling mind was yelling. SO I walk straight up to her and very cool like said; "You Drive"? Needless to say since there was not a single more STUPID question I could have asked, I followed it with an attempted recovery of "I mean, ya know, HotRods". WOW, you could hear the flack falling away from my bullet ridden fusalage as she shot me down, with a series of "are you still here" glances. Needless to say I married another girl. I love her to death, the last time I showed her a picture of an EB series Buggatti, she looked at me and say, "thats a pretty blue". I'm all alone in the world! TS
  12. I really did give the wrong impression. My wife is an accountant. She has yet to dissuade me from any of my personal aspiration. Very supportive in all my endeavors, and useful as a partner in "projects" outside of her taste. I was merely attempting to state, that it is time for "us" to review a budget outline together. With all of your help, this will be mush easier for me to do. Thank you all so much. TS
  13. When it comes right down to it, it was "his" purchase. Regardless of what any of us think it's worth, he felt it was a good deal for him. Hence, he bought it. I have an $1300.00 radial arm miter saw. Most Professional builders would pay "TOP" price of about $700.00. But when I saw this thing, I just "had to have it". Stupid? Probably, but it's mine and no on else will ever own one like it.
  14. There is something to be said to a man who spends $95,000.00 on a vehicle; "Is that a dent"?
  15. 2-77zs

    Look UP!

    No photos yet for the car, but they are on the way. Thought this might bring a smile to some of your faces.
  16. Time to talk dollars. Many of you have thousands into your cars. What budget changes would you make if you had it to do all over again? What changes would you have made? What would you have avoided, and where would you have spent more or less? As I'm sure you have all figured out, it's time for me to present a budget outline to my accountant (wife). Who actually is my accountant.
  17. Post the location of the sept. 15th autox when you get a chance. Or, email me @ tshauk@excite.com. Since my Z is now stripped to the unibody, I probably wont make it in that car. Be driven my Truck or the grocery getter. Anyway, I'll do my best to bump into you there. TS Oh yeah, I agree on the "officer" type administration of a club. by council I was meaning having 2 or 3 standard contact people that would be sure fire wyas to find out if anything was happening. Makes for a larger participation when you know who to call. Just a thought, with only a few members it wouldn't matter, but I'll be a minimum of 3 years on both my projects, so I would like to see it grow into a serious "party" club.
  18. I would love to help, or partner in the developement, research, or coordination of a club for us "inlanders". If anyone is up for the task of assisting and establishing a council, I should be considered at your aid. There is so much going on out here, and we have no representation that I can find. Email: tshauk@excite.com Clues, Tips, pointers, direction, send help A.S.A.P. TS Hauk
  19. Do you know of a Z club in the northwest? I'm in Utah and travel to Idaho often. (you would have to suspend the car level, (jacks, mounts)
  20. Please keep in mind I am completely devoid of Zed knowledge. Having that said, I'm also a certified Master Carpenter and often times have to find DDC on many flexable and mobile structures. To measure any still object, I would have simply leveled the "load bearing" which in this case would have been the front and back lateral of the car. Placed 2 plumb bobs equal distances on both sides of any fixed point of the vehicle. Triangulated measuements from any fixed point of a level surface beneathe the car, (an x drawn on the floor of the garage). Since the bobs draw exactly to the center of the earth, (at every second of the earths roation) you will always be able to measure exact DDC of any fixed point, of any object on the car you wish to measure. Math wont lie, do your deductions, add the wheels being certain that all lugs are seated properly, and measure again. Bada bing bada boom, you have DDC on any part of your car. My physics background may have just run away with me. But it would work to within a .05 degree measurement, which is very close. Please forgive the intrusion, I'll go back to learning from you all now. Thanks so much to all that have helped me thus far, I continue to appreciate your assistance.
  21. SMG- You raise a very valid point, one that may have slipped my mind until it was to late. I will aquire the rules of qualifying, and in what class. Yes, if I race this sucker I intend to Win, at least sometimes. Winning is cool, having fun is great, but winning is Fun and Great! Tehehehe:devious:
  22. What the Cheif is describing is Highly possible. I know for a certainty that he has to give several "SAFETY" Briefings each week. A creative leader likes to use alot of different tools to keep his troops safe. Keep in mind they are technically "his" men, if they get hurt, He answers. So I can believe he would use this forum as a means to keep his (somtimes Knuckle headed) soldiers safe. 76- his post reads he's been an aviator for 22 years. Not that a Cheif Warrant needs anyone to run to his aid, but these men are highly respected breed in the Armed Forces, we don't salute them because they graduated from college, a warant gets saluted because he graduated the school of hard knocks. Bet!
  23. I've fallin out of a few of your birds. Spent almost 8 active years as a Scout/ Spec. Ops. 19d, 18d, 15e I'm new to this site, but it seems like you made a few people nervous with your "go getter fixer upper " idea. Didn't sound like something a Cheif would do. Anywho, are you still crashin those things, or retired?
  24. If we eliminated the firewall, moved the seats back a foot, maybe we could set that sucker! :devious: 380 hp out of my L28? OK I'm keeping it, I baught it with a 4brl edelbrock carb, and its tuned nicely, but it's not enough for autocrossing. I need a more rapid response, as well as a very short throw with very responsive rearend. So I should save the dough and throw it into this L28. Keep in mind I have ZERO experience with this motor.
  25. Now that my car is stripped, I'm stairing into the engine bay thinking, Hmmmm. Not that I'm knocking the 350 swap, (God bless american muscle) but what about something like a late model nissan 3.5L, such as this one: http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1853476676 Has anyone attempted a late model Nissan swap? Are the modification to the bay extensive? There are so many "high tech" options for these motors, do any of you feel it's worth it? What other engine suggestion/options, are out there aside from the American 8s? I hope this is a viable topic, I would love to hear some feedback. TS
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