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  1. i suppose that wouldnt be a bad idea http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7938785203&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT there it is, happy bidding. -Zach
  2. thats correct, i havent gotten around to posting that again, thanks for doing so! happy bidding. -Zach
  3. i am currently battling this problem and just finding all of this info through a search makes you really appreciate the value of a search tool. What i wanted to add was that when you align the drive shaft hole with the little divot on the oil pump that the fsm describes as the correct setting, the shaft goes into the position as was shown by the picture on the right posted previously. i thought this couldnt be right so of course i moved it a notch ahead and reassembled everything and wa la, nothing worked. well now i know what i did wrong, so as for tomorrow, hopefully i will be able to put ev
  4. Up for sale on ebay right now is a 280ZX dizzy with E12-80 ignition module that i just rebuilt. Put over $100 in new parts into it and decided it wasnt going to be useful for my plan of attack. hoping to break even on my investment. More info at http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=7932326363&rd=1&sspagename=STRK%3AMESE%3AIT bidding starts at $80 Thanks, -Zach
  5. zachb55

    vinyl dye

    sweet deal man, and was this redying the same color or to a new color?
  6. my repair manual shows two very different panels from the 240z to the 260, so i do believe they were one of the majorly changed items in the early Zs. -Zach
  7. yes, i do have a 72, well atleast the shell is a 72, there are a lot of different parts from different cars in this thing, mainly in the engine bay though, im pretty sure most of the other parts are original to this car... -ZAch
  8. zachb55

    vinyl dye

    no, nothing really big, largest piece was probably my glove box door, but it came out very evenly, i would suspect it would be the same throughout a large surface, i come to this conclusion largly because it dries slowly so it also dries very evenly, causing the desired affect, unlike spraypaint sometimes does when it dries too fast... -Zach
  9. in the hole above my hazard switch i have a cigarette lighter...not going to really need that, but i guess it will be good for charging the cell!:classic: -Zach
  10. i refurbished mine, i used some vinyl dye on it (it had red overspray all over it) which dyed the paint and plastic (im not sure why this stuff works on plastic, but so far ive had success with it, im using an aresol from NAPA). i would suggest you do this, if your chrome is still intact, if the thing is busted up, then you could look into going the machined-piece route, ive seen a few of these and am planning to do this myself when the time is right.
  11. a fiberglass hood that fits a Z for 100 dollars? im game! -Zach
  12. zachb55


    i just put mine on, look just like the one above, im very happy with an 80 dollars well spent:classic: -ZAch
  13. huh, weird, i was just looking for a post that might tell me what this same exact switch is in my car, i also figured it could be important because of the stock wiring look. but i knew it wasnt being used because i found mine sitting behind my dash when i took it out... i didnt put the antenna back in though, so i guess i dont need it, my car has no speakers or stereo in it, so im going to go XM with a nice little system when i get some dough... thanks for the thread guys, saved me some searching:classic: -Zach
  14. zachb55

    vinyl dye

    hey, i have used vinyl dye on a bunch of my parts, including some harder parts like the glove box cover, and it has worked well. the stuff i am using came in an aresol can from NAPA. -Zach
  15. hmmm, ok im looking at my mag and they have a "one piece spoiler" part # 50-1573, and the "BRE style spoiler" # 50-1527. i can see obvious physical differences but the BRE looks to be a one piece. i know i have seen those exact spoilers in three sections, i just dont recall where, i bet i have a pic of one on my site... ill have to look, maybe someone just took the BRE and chopped it to their specs. i cant find any three piece spoilers anywhere. the third car down on page 10 looks like the spoiler is connected on the sides, so it must be a three piece, but it doesnt look like a BRE spoiler. -Z
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