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  1. I am in need of a RHD latch and cable for my 74 Fairlady, does anyone here know where I might find one. I have contacted the Australia Z car club but have had no luck as of yet. Thanks, Travis
  2. My engine, updated pic
  3. Lots of hard work when into this.
  4. Lots of hard work when into this.

    Door Tag

    door tag written in japanese
  6. Taillights on my Fairlady
  7. Taillights on my Fairlady
  8. is it too late to get in on this deal?
  9. I have the same clock and I believe my oscillator is bad. Please keep us posted on your progress. Just out of curiousity, has anyone used this company? http://clocksandgauges.com/ I contacted them today. Travis
  10. My next thing to do on my list it the exhaust. I dont like the 6-2 MSA style header. I did see on ebay a hooker header part number 8116-8115. However, I cannot find a retailer for hooker headers that offer the datsun headers. These header are duals but they have flanges on them. Anyone know who sells them? T
  11. 2nd only to computer techs who charger you double time for a 1 hr job, markup their prices 200% and still dont fix it! Trav
  12. I have an extra 75 drive shaft in my garage,
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