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  1. Saint


    An absolute beauty..well done!
  2. I live in London and have relatives in L.A. It seems the best place to buy parts is the states. Just wondering if anyone can give me a hand with names of firms in and around Los Angeles for ordering parts. I get over there every now and again and can pick up and take the parts back home avoiding cost of shipping etc. At the moment I'm looking to do the Eibach upgrade for my 71 240Z. Who would I contact for springs and spacers? Any help would be appreciated. Saint:ermm:
  3. Saint

    my "supered" Sun 1/18 Z

    Now thats good looking car!!!
  4. Saint

    My brakes suck

    Yes to both questions. Thanks for the advice though, I'll go for the master cylinder bleed and see if it improves. Cheers
  5. Saint

    My brakes suck

    I've got the same problem with double pumping the brake pedal. I also have a problem which, I think, is associated with Servo unit. When the power comes off the brake pedal goes down a long way before engaing. I'm connecting this with a fault in the servo unit pressure. Would this be correct??
  6. Saint

    Cost to Restore a Zcar

    That sounds about right...I have had my 71 restored and paid about £10000 all up. That's about $15000 US. This was a completly out-costed job. I spent a further £3000 on new seats, wheels, tyres and various tweaks that I wanted to the car. You can see pictures of the kind of detail in my gallery.
  7. Saint

    Rear Hatch gas arm

    195's give much sharper steering. 205's are a weighty tyre. I like the car to handle light at the front.
  8. Saint

    Rear Hatch gas arm

    Alan That would be fantastic! Just give us a yell if you find one and I'll come over and collect it. Thanks mate. If you can't I'll wait to see how Bill gets on. Yep, up and running and loving it. Changed front wheels from 205's to 195's and have done some soundproofing. Tweaking, tweaking .....
  9. Saint

    Rear Hatch gas arm

    Bill..that would be a great solution..give me a yell when you've had a go.. Thanks again GuyLOL
  10. Saint

    Rear Hatch gas arm

    Bill, thanks so much for the information...unfortunately I live in the UK and they don't seem to be able to ship abroad. I'll have get around it another way. But at least I know were they are. Thanks very much Guy
  11. My one is shot. Has anyone found a replacement for this part or someone who reconditions.:cross-eye
  12. Saint

    All silver

    No it's just that the bumpers aren't on and the rear plate around the lights is painted silver instead of being black.
  13. Saint

    70's wanker shot

    Thanks Dazza, I think your wagon may have suited better. Mate your wagon is ****ing beautiful! Absolutely mint.
  14. Saint


    Beautiful car mate!

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