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  1. .... Randy put flames on his car after it caught on fire Thanks Mark ! Greg's EP 240Z is limited to 15 x 7's, and runs the 23 x 9.5 x 15 cantilever slicks. You can get the cantilevers to fit under stock fenders with some spacing and rolled lips, but rules allow glass fenders, and there is a specific max track width allowed. Most racers try to get their car to the Maximum of any rule Greg's car use to use the Reaction Research glass fenders. A bit of information here. The Volks in the picture weigh in the 10 pound range. I know the ones that I have on my Miata are around 8 plus pounds. Mark, you have been taking some awesome shots from the track !! Mike
  2. The car is set up to SCCA EP rules. The 240z is a limited prep car. Cam is liimited to .500 lift Compression to 12 to 1 Carbs twin Su's 15 x 7" wheels Tranny factory 4 speed or weight penalty for the same factory box with internal gear changes. Another weight penality for use of a dog ring box. . It also is limted to 240Z calipers front with vented discs. 280ZX rear disc and calipers. A few more things come to mind, but the car Greg has is fully developed under the rules. Mike
  3. Mark, The black wheels with silver centers appear to be Kodiaks. Mike
  4. Hey Mark, Sam also works on a Bill Jones's 240SX , and Al Gast's Datsun Roadster that Grayson is now driving. I have spoke with him on the phone and he is a real down to earth guy. He has helped Greg sort out the the 240Z. Greg has been doing pretty well in his car this season. Along with Don Ahrens out of Florida, and his 240Z. Did you get any photos of Al's, and Randy's Roadster from this last weeekend? Randy's car caught on fire after it was hit. Thanks, Mike
  5. Kind of missed out on this thread, and noticed it didn't meet reserve. High bid was pretty darn low for what the car has on it. Mike
  6. Hey Randy, I just talked to Guy yesterday and he mentioned you had it up for sale. I would have saved myself a whole bunch of money by buying your set up Mike
  7. Mark, Thanks for the photos Greg better slow down a bit. He asked for a 100 pound weight break, and better brakes and both were refused in the last Fast Track. I think Greg is doing a better job then Grayson driving the car now that he is getting familiar with it. The E Production 240Z has to run a 4 speed gear box with factory gear ratios. If the box alternate box is used with sychros a 57 pound weight penality is added. It can also run a alternate box with dog rings and the it gets 114 pound penality. The engine has an IT prepped head as stated before with the use of a .500 lift cam. It must run the SU's. The brakes are limited to stock front calipers with vented rotors, and ZX rear calipers and rotors on the rear. It must use 7" wide wheels. It looks like Don Ahrens Z is in the first shot as well. Race weight with driver is # 2270. Mike EP Datsun Roadster
  8. Yes, The white car was Al Gasts car driven by Grayson. Randy had the blue and yellow car that broke on lap two BTW.. Do you know if Doug Piner was still trying to sell his car? Thanks, Mike
  9. Mark, Great Photos !! I saw some of your work on the production board. You had at least one of Randy in the Roadster by any chance did you get any of Grayson in Al's Roadster? Kind of weird to see Grayson driving anything other then the now Greg Ira Z. Mike #184 E Production Datsun Roadster 73' 240Z under going some work. 74' 260 Z parts mule
  10. hmmm... One set of 14 x7' with custom V grooved Toyo RA1's for rain. Two sets of Rewinds with Goodyear 430 compound tires. ( one graphite/one silver) one set of Diamond 15 x 8's with Hooiser 225/45/15's . With one extra set of tires. 2 sets of Diamond 15 x 7 Steel wheels spares in boxes, but used. Several sets of 14 x 6 Slots with various street tires. One set of 14 x 6 ZX 6 spoke with roller tires on them. One 6 spoke ZX wheel mounted on wall for power cord storage. Mike
  11. Victor, I am running 225/45/15's on 8" Diamonds on a lowered , but no coil over car , and I had to roll the fender a bit to keep them from rubbing on tight autocross corners . These are Hooiser DOT tires and they tend to run wide for there advertised size. Mike
  12. Hey Craig, I must be on his ignore list Can you PM me his email Addy . I will try and email him at the address I have for him now. Looks like you and Cindy had a great day at the track this past weekend . I do want to see pictures of the V8 Radical though ... Thanks, Mike
  13. Hey Christopher , I think most of us have gone through bad times , and if it wasn't for good friends and family we would probably suffer much more then we do. My Ex left me the dog she just had to have . He has been with me now for over 13 years . Most labs don't last that long , but this old guy has hung in there . You hanging with Smith and Bowland over there ? I was planning on making it over there at teh end of the month, but I am not sure all my aprts will be here on time . Whats the size of the site you use there ? Mike
  14. Thanks Guys !! I see he is still mad at Mike I will try and get an email through to him.. Mike
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