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  1. Hey everyone, Does anyone know where i can find the European Turn Signals which fit in the grill, not the bumper. Sorry about the picture quality below, but you can kind of see the signals in the grill. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hey everyone, I was wondering if anyone knew where I could find some front European turn signal lens. I own a 71 240z. These are the turn signals which fit in the grill, not on the bumper. They are small, rectangular units. I live in Texas, so if someone knew where i could find some it would be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to go anywhere in Texas, or California to find them. Thanks.
  3. Thanks guys for giving me a place to start.
  4. My car recently developed a problem...when i reach a speed of approximately 60mph(or about 3rpm) and i let off the gas, the whole car vibrates quite a bit. As soon as i get back on the gas the car stops vibrating. I don't know too much about cars and was wondering could this be a problem with the differential?
  5. I personally prefer an aftermarket front spoiler, but i think Z cars look incredible in any shape or form. Fiberglass front ends chip alot though.
  6. Ali

    81 280zx

    Too bad your rims aren't as light as my Enkeis. (Or as rare!!!) Nice car though, lets race.
  7. Don't Forget about stopping!!!
  8. Has anyone every swapped a 240Z engine with one of the following: a) Skyline engine (any) 300Z(X) engine (turbo or NA) c) Chevy 350 small block d) Silvia engine (SR20DET(T)) If you have could you please give me or someone else any information which would be useful. Price, size constraints, availiblity, and other modifications neccesary for swap. Thanks.
  9. Ali

    Full View 7

    Elf likes men. And doesn't even have a car yet. Sucks for him. Oh wait! He does have a car, he has a viper! And its just his size: Hotwheels!!!
  10. Ali

    Where did the NOS go?

    Its faster than that go-ped i see you in all the time.
  11. The LT1 240Z: I believe it has close to 600hp in it. I'm suprised at how small the corvette engines are. They are alot more efficient than I had previously thought. In those videos he has trouble gaining traction. You can see him shift through the gears and just try to get traction. Here some of us are trying to lose traction and he has a hard time gaining it. He also owns a Hayabusa, another amazing vehicle.
  12. Hey everyone, Just wanted to know some good resources for buying parts for Zs. I already know of the wonderful Motorsports catalog, that everyone here should already have. If you don't have it go get it now! Any other sites, or catalogs for Z parts?
  13. Ali

    September 11

    America is the best! And will be for many years to come! My condolences to the families and people who lost someone in the attacks on September 11th. God bless America!
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