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  1. Derek over on Hybridz is a really capable guy. He has designed, cast, and built his own cylinder for the L6's, among many other things. He is a member here also. He had some comments about the ZCD kit. https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/131360-rear-disk-kit-from-zcar-depot-anyone-using-it/
  2. Go back to something that worked before.
  3. They're black. See if either is grounded. Meter time.
  4. Greggers13 bid $110,000, up from $105,000 by dfwelite, and both let themselves get outbid by $1,000. I think the comments started to stick. The funny thing now is that, even though it was presented as an untouched survivor, it probably needs to be touched now. It needs the refresh that people were saying it has already had.
  5. Should people feel bad? Seems like the car was not presented properly. Shouldn't have been so many questions to be asked.
  6. Zed Head


    Thanks for sharing this AK. Sorry that your father, and your family, have been caught up in this mess. Better days are ahead, I hope. The work to find solutions is continuing despite all of the chaos.
  7. I found something on the wheels and caps. There's a lot of info in those pictures. Pierre did it in 2017. Picture #324. Also noticed that it still had the CA license plates, 615 DLK. The current owner must live in Nevada! Edit 4:47 pm - @lonetreesteve I just saw your comments on the BAT listing about the wheel caps. Why would Pierre "restore two caps" one way and two another way? Really looks more like he bought two from one place and either restored or bought two others from another place. Either didn't notice the difference or didn't say anything about it. Who knows. Just odd. 246 has done quite a bit on ID'ing the eBay repro caps and how they're being passed off as real. @240260280
  8. Edit - Flat plates are actually a thing on the interweb. http://www.andrewturnbull.net/plates/flat.html If I read the BAT copy right it says that the car was licensed in Nevada in either 2002 when Malamut got it or in 2017 when the current owner got it. The world of custom license plates has turned in to a huge business for the states. Look at all of the choices on just the Nevada web site. They change them up all the time to keep the market happy. You can get your favorite university, football team, environmental cause...almost anything that you can think of. So It would not be a surprise if even last year's plate is different from the 2020 choice. As far as embossing versus flat - flat plates are cheaper to make. All of the plates in my part of the country have been flat for several years. Wob took the car for a drive on public roads and he is a professional car salesman. I'm not seeing even a hint that somebody put fake plates on the car, with fake tags. It would just be too dumb. No offense. Beside that, it doesn't really have anything to do with selling the car. Nothing to do with being a 1971 240Z. It would be pointless.
  9. Could a Z expert get on there and explain repro parts to these guys? Lots of dancing around the fact that two of the caps are from eBay.
  10. Might be a Vintage plate from 2002. I can't imagine a car collector and auto dealer sticking fake tags on a license plate. That would be absurd. Any cop would be all over it as soon as they saw it on the road. Here's today's. https://dmvnv.com/platesclassic.htm
  11. So, just to sum things up, there's an undisclosed owner who bought the car from Malamut in 2017 and Wob is selling it for him now in 2020. Does that sound right? Wonder why today's owner is selling it, and why is it still at the Collection site, after three years. Just questions. The paperwork, registration, etc. up to today would be interesting to see. Seems to end in 2018. The last few puzzle pieces... The tags expire this month. Maybe he doesn't want to pay the fee.
  12. Interesting how the internet lets us track the path of things through time now. It's not really an investment unless he hopes to make a profit reselling it, right? And it's not a great one until he does. At least, investing as it's meant in financial terms. And car collecting "passion" (type from the Malamut web site), and investing aren't really the same thing. Nothing wrong with either, they're just not the same. The Malamut collection looks like a really enjoyable business to own and run, that's for sure though. He gets to do both, make money and collect cars, together. But other collectors just need to be very aware of the first part.
  13. Is it the blue one? Weird that it has 31,000 miles also. Loaned FROM his personal collection. TO the Foundation??? For display and business purposes? It still seems to be there. Edit - actually I see that some of the cars are PART OF the collection. Where are the loaned cars, I wonder. The world of money. It's a strange place.
  14. I don't know how the Museum works. Sounds like you're saying that people loan their cars to the Museum for display? Looks like a tax scheme to me. The general public can't go see the cars. I assume that fees are charged to groups, so it's a business and various costs are tax deductible. Regardless, it still looks like one owner since 2002, unless the car was sold but stayed at the "Museum", for this second sale. Don't know. The BAT listing implies that this is the second owner since it left storage in 2002. The car "joined" the Museum, then somebody bought it and is now reselling it. Convolution... Actually I see that Charland Auto is in the middle there also. Maybe they messed around with it. I'm seeing four owners so far, if Malamut actually owned it, three if Charland still owned it while it was displayed. Could be that Malamut is actually a consignment shop and the "collection" is the sales inventory. http://malamutautomuseumfoundation.org/
  15. You'll know more about the market in two days, see link below. Your car is far from this one in quality. But, it would behoove you (always wanted to use behoove) if you want maximum price to collect any original paper work your dad has collected. The early cars' values are affected by provenance (another good word).
  16. What's more interesting about what you're showing is "how did they get on this car?". The fakes/repro's probably weren't available in 1981. The car went in in 1981 then came out and went to Malamut "Museum" in 2002. And, apparently, is still there, Wob seems to be selling the car for Malamut. There is no real seller after Malamut, it's all Malamut. Wob is his agent. And Wob says he has known the car since "Day 1". So, one of those two parties must have added something to the car that went into storage in 1981. People are right to be suspicious, some things are not 100% transparent here.
  17. This area will be a problem. Kidding. Any chance you could take a few steps back and take some of the whole car? There's potential for a low miles, low number 240Z, but there are a lot of dents there. What happened? Those aren't normal.
  18. Are those both from the video? In the video the front passenger cap is not the same as the rear. Actually, maybe just the right front is "real", by your comment. Nit nit nit... Such fun.
  19. The fact that you got spark shows that the circuit and power supply and ground and coil are working. It's hard to tell though, if you have a triggering problem or a module problem. That's what the second test shows, Test 11, triggering. Seems like it's either the module or the magnet under the pickup coil. You can swap modules on your new distributor and see if the old one works. Always good to have a spare. If you want to take a chance, take it apart and see if the magnet is intact. Careful though, it's fragile.
  20. That looks right if you measured with the key off. You are measuring through the pickup coil, on the red and green wires. It's shown in one of the items on the site site listed, about 2/3 down. https://www.atlanticz.ca/zclub/techtips/distributorrebuild/index.html
  21. After so many years and miles it's dangerous to mess with the head bolts. Some are probably rusty and ready to break. On that topic, has anyone considered the clamping force of a head bolt that's half rusted through? Might be a cause of blown head gaskets on old engines. Who knows.
  22. Don't overlook the backing plate maybe rubbing on the drum. The bottom edge tends to get bent. More of a grindy squeal.
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