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  1. Welcome to the forum ! I'm in Edmonton so can't help you with a body shop. Post some pics of your car. You will find a wealth of knowledge and experience on here
  2. So cool to see stuff like this! I will definitely check out your website.
  3. Came across this video on you tube. Not sure if anyone here is involved with this car but what a find! Only 350 miles is incredible! Hard to believe there are still cars like this hiding out there. https://youtu.be/CZlIl74b0Ss
  4. I think you have an early to mid 70 car, my 12/70 car is SN 15721!
  5. Eastern geography is not my strong suit, but Datsun Spirit in Manassas Virginia would be my choice!
  6. Thanks Pilgrim! The chemo did it's thing so I have a good chance at a cure by removing the lung. I wish your daughter and brother well, they are about to be over run by this thing, some dark and difficult days ahead, especially for those in the health care field. Thank goodness we have dedicated Dr's and nurses, dieticians, respiratory techs, cleaning staff and countless others who will be putting themselves on the line to help others.
  7. Just thought I'd chime in to say thanks to everyone being responsible in practicing social distancing and good hygiene. I am getting Surgery Monday to remove my right lung due to cancer. I have been stressed about his thing exploding and overloading hospitals, but it looks like I will be in and out before things get too bad. Remember that it's the older people and people like me who you are protecting, not just yourself!!
  8. What are these lights worth? I have a NOS one in the box.
  9. A donation has been made in all your names to the Human Fund! The Human Fund, money for people. Merry Christmas all!
  10. Here's my first Zed at the 1980 Knox Mountain Hillclimb in Kelowna B.C. Canada's longest running motorsport event! The local part store ran out of Yellow Trem Clad rattle cans so I had to paint the hood and home made airdam blue!
  11. Apparently the 400Z is coming! https://www.msn.com/en-ca/autos/news/next-nissan-z-could-be-called-400z-arrives-next-year/ar-AAJe69R?li=AAggFp0
  12. Wonder if they will fit under stock steel wheels?
  13. Wow, you do nice work! Going to be a very nice setup!
  14. Thanks for the offer, I'll let you know via pm!
  15. Those honeycomb filters look like the perfect compromise, I really like the look of them.The heat shield works very well for radiant energy off the headers, just using the back of my hand I can feel the difference in temp above and below the shield. Your set up looks great!
  16. Another good idea! Thanks, I should have started this thread a while ago!
  17. No offense taken! Thats a good idea!
  18. Hey Grannyknot, I talked to Eiji at Spirit Datsun about a filter setup, he said "where am I driving, the Sahara?"! Doesn't use them at all on his car. I think I will get some socks to filter big particles if I'm going on a road trip. We tied to keep the mechanical linkage for the throttle, but it was really too much bother, would of had to replace the throttle shaft . I'll look at the routing for the cable, we tried to keep a gentle curve so the cable wouldn't bind. The fuel lines around the sump are not too pretty, but I wanted the sump to make it easier to revert to stock setup.
  19. Well, all my pictures are out of sequence! Everything went pretty smoothly, thanks to my buddy Nabeil, We are still tuning, will be putting it on a dyno on Sept 12th! I will post some pictures with the wiring finished and loomed.
  20. Hi all, decided to share my recent install of Datsun Spirit ITB's. Got tired of fiddling with the SU's and I always liked the look of 6 velocity stacks on these engines. A friend at work loves my car, but he is a young guy who likes modern stuff! He tried to get me to swap in an RB26, we compromised on ITB's. He provided his garage and his labour for the privilege of working on the car! The motor is bored out 85mm, 280Z crank, 268 comp cam with a street port and polish, it was always very finicky with the SU's, for some reason the weather seemed to affect the way it ran and idled, and it always ran rich even with nozzles turned down to only a 1/2 turn from closed. Anyway that is all history! Several thousand dollars saw delivery of an ECU masters Classic black ECU, ECU masters wiring harness ( very good value, all labelled for each coil, injector and sensor for about 110 US),Burton fuel sump which allows retention of all fuel lines and mechanical pump,One Six Industries crank angle sensor, Patton Machine coil bracket, F150 coils, and of course the beautiful Jenvey ITB's, manifold, injectors and Datsun Spirit designed heat shield. M 20190812_115804.mp4
  21. My 12/70 #15721 has a #2 hood, reinforced corners, no holes beside hood release and angled release lever.
  22. https://driving.ca/nissan/features/feature-story/the-future-of-the-gt-r-and-z-are-in-good-hands-at-nissan An interesting interview with Hiroshi Tamura, chief product specialist for GTR and Nismo.
  23. Yeah that is too bad.So glad everyone is okay, the safety of vintage cars always is front of my mind whenever I roll out of the garage.
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