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  1. I still curse the beer gods for not allowing distribution of Moose Drool east of the Mississippi. Anytime we're in Bozeman I fill the back of the aircraft with as much as it will hold and cherish each bottle while they last.:laugh: Sweetwater Brewery out of Atlanta, GA has a pretty good lineup as well. Delirium Tremens is not bad, if nothing else they win high marks for the name (Latin for "trembling madness")
  2. Best beer of all times: Weinstaphaner Yeast Also the oldest brewery in the world!
  3. I have these two which will soon become one: 1972 240z 1983 280zxt
  4. I'm sorry I don't know about your springs, what I do know is that your picture makes me very happy to live in Florida! It's almost June man, how many Z days do you get there?
  5. Thanks Jon, that is the same for mine. As it was tighter, I wanted to make sure before I made the adjustment.
  6. Here's a newb question for everyone. I am running a Crane mild street cam in my L24. I found my cam card yesterday and the valve lash specs that are on the card are not the same as the factory hot settings. Which specs are the correct ones to use?
  7. Do you still have the stock cam or have you upgraded? With my crane street cam mine isn't happy below 900-1000.
  8. I just bought the ones that were listed in the classifieds here. Got a great deal compared to Ebay!
  9. DVD sent out today via USPS, you should have it shortly...I would say to enjoy, but you have a good bit of work ahead of you.
  10. citjet

    Not a Z

    It's a beautiful car... but how are you going to cope with going that fast without the smell of exhaust to lull you into a carbon monoxide induced euphoria?
  11. I've got the Just SU's DVD floating around somewhere in my boxes of stuff, I'll bring it to out first "panhandle meeting" or if you need it before then PM your address and I'll send it out to you. You do get mail out there in the boonies don't you?
  12. citjet

    Spark plug wires

    Chino, Thanks for the info, I'm definitely going to give them a shot. I'm in the process of installing the MSD-6AL and Blaster 2 Coil and wanted to go ahead and get the best wires while I'm at it. Like you, I'll keep the Taylor set as a backup. BTW that is a fantastic looking engine compartment, I'm not to that level yet but the work continues...
  13. citjet

    Spark plug wires

    Chino, This is interesting as I was just about to order a set of the Taylor's. What made you use these above all others? I also noticed that they will now custom make wires to your specs for free, I may have them cut them to length to run in front of the engine instead of over the top. I always liked the look better but didn't want to try to put the ends on a set of high performance wires myself. Did you use this service or just order the set that they have specified?
  14. My dog... my Z... and someone else's jet that I get paid to fly, all of my favorite things...
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