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  1. Dave, great to see this was already done to a Z. I just think the home brew cars will show folks that there are options other to move cars other than sucking down hydrocarbons. For the folks that want to point it out I know that some electricity comes from hydrocarbons. But at my home the electricity is carbon free, check out my power plant
  2. Rob, I live in the Granite Bay area off Auburn-Folsom Road. I know not your typical GB resident that pays someone to do things for them. If you liked my Garage project check out what my wife and I are helping our son rebuild then build a similar garage. http://555bstreet.ning.com/
  3. John Wayland built an electric 72 1200 (Sunny) and as 114.08 MPH quarter mile. http://www.opb.org/programs/ofg/segments/view/1686
  4. I have sold the dash thanks for all the help
  5. I believe it is a 72-73 dash, I have photos at www.aristata.net/zena/dash The dash is no longer in the box because when I picked the car up 4 years ago in Portland OR I could not fit it in the car if it was still in the box so do not have the part #. Car and all parts are listed at www.aristata.net/zena and will sell as a package or separately. The BRE type spoiler is sold (or will be Monday afternoon)
  6. I am selling my 71 240 along with parts I have gathered and I have a NOS dash that came with the car but not installed (was still in the box when I got it) Can anyone tell me what it is worth?
  7. owenk

    Go Veggie

    Is it time for the Biodiesel 240? http://www.pape.ws/allan_and_rosanne/Z-Car_Stuff/VeggieCar/veggiecar.htm
  8. I just decided last night that I am going to sell my 71 240Z. I purchased it in June 2002 and have not made any progress other than gathering parts and I have many ~5 more years of other projects ahead of me. I do not have any recent photos but if you are interested IM me and I will get some new photos up. You can see photos of her when I got her home in 2002 and replaced the struts and did the brakes so she was ok to drive. Below is a list of what I have for her: 1. New factory dash 2. Mazda Maita seats (Used) 3. Urethane air dam (used) 4. Fiberglass "duck tail" spoiler (new) 5. Slotted dish mags. (used) 6. Working glove box door (used) 7. Rear hatch shock (used) 8. Head light covers (new) I live ~30 min east of Sacramento California. Only bad rust that I know of is just in front of the rear wheels. I am willing to sell the car with the parts or just the car and parts to anyone that is intrested.
  9. Good idea Enrique, I work so much in Windows i forget that DOS commands still exist! It is like when I used a typwriter ~3 years ago I was puzzled on what to do when I got to the end of the line and it did not word rap !
  10. The good news is that Ed reload the OS, updates, and anti-virus software on the new drive while the old drive was disconnected. But when reconnecting the old drive as a secondary it is reconigized by the BIOS & OS but cannot be read and at first boot windows ran a check disk that it could not complete . So I have told him what is options are: Try some some of the tools out there, SpinRite, etc (but he may make it worse.) Take it to a local computer shop (hopefully they will/can make a image of the drive before trying to recover the data). See what Drive Savers can do / cost. Basicly it has come down to what are his photos worth.
  11. Very well said and I would like to add, If you have a failing drive and the more you screw with it the more data you could loose. The data typically has more value then the hardware. I have worked with DriveSavers (data recovery company) and the first thing they do is make a copy of the harddrive then start going for the data.
  12. Ed, I left my cell phone home today,:stupid: so sent you a PM with my work #
  13. I cannot help but weigh in on this thread. I am a Desktop Support Engineer (Computer Geek) at a large dot com that survived the crash. If you work on cars you can work on computers. The best path is to purchase a 2nd hard drive. I started to right up instructions but it would be easyer to speak with you. So now you have 2 of us that you can call. I will send you via PM my cell phone #
  14. I agree but us +50 need to keep our thoughts away from the -18 gals in the movie.
  15. The nice one was blue but still had the taillights. The red one has the "turbine" stile wheels. I am still debating going back and getting the pass side fender. Will have to take a magnet to see if it has any bondo.
  16. I was just at the Rocklin CA Pick-N-Pull and there is a nice 240, maybe 260 in the yard. I say maybe because it did not have a 240 carb setup but the glove box door said 240Z and did not look for other clues because it was starting to rain. It looks like it has had some restoration work; following is what I saw in a quick glance: Glove box door was in very good shape and is now mine. The pass side fender is very good Hatch is good with glass Tail lights are in "good" shape with some hairline cracks in the reverse lenses. Hood is good Clock was present Man Trans. There was another 240-260 with finned rims I have seen some folks call them "Turbo" rims because they look like a turbine.
  17. If your truck is new as in 2005 then it came with a cold air intake. All the new autos that I have seen since ~1995 have an intake that is forward of the radiator and AC condenser. I have seen after market "cold air" intakes are taking air from directly behind the radiator! The advantage I see for K&N filters would be over the life of the auto in that it is cleanable. Regarding gas mileage: I would think that for ~$40 if you could get measurable fuel mileage increase the auto builder would make the filter standard.
  18. I had a 68 Cortina and if that video shows a sport then when I was 16 I should have been a in the 10 top ten in the world It is a classic case of being out of control.
  19. http://www.californiaparts.net/JigsToolsEtc/JigsToolWire.htm
  20. owenk

    72 240z $900

    Sorry he must of sold it and took the link down.
  21. This is not my car but I if my garage was done It would be so I thought some of you may be interested in this car. Oh I have no relation to the seller. http://www.nacdesign.com/240zAD.htm
  22. Carl Thanks for pointing out what is in the legislation to everyone. I heard about this earlier in the week and went to the bills web site did not see any issue with my 71. What I find interesting/funny is that last year there was a bill to allow collector cars driven under 10,000 miles/year to be exempt but the nuts out there got the wrong info to the public and the bill was killed. Personally I new something like this had to happen because by the late 70’s emissions systems were becoming more refined and sooner or later they had to put a stop on the 30 year rolling exemption. Personally once I have my 71 running it will be driven only once or twice monthly because: • it’s old, • it pollutes the air we all breathe • I would hate getting T-boned by a SUV Now how many are going to go off on me about the 2nd statement. :dead:
  23. If you remove the evap tank make sure you get a vented cap because before the evap tanks vapors would be release to the air. Also do not fill up your tank then park the Z with the filler side lower than the rest of the car on a warm day or you will be dumping fuel on the ground later in the day:cry:
  24. Sorry you took it wrong but I was just being funny with the situation
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