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  1. Hello, My first car was a 240 Z, and the time has come to put one back in the stable. Where do you recommend that I look. I have a pretty good idea to look for rust, and no that no 240 Z is 100% rust free. What is a nice clean weekend garage queen going to cost me? Any good Z shops in Orange County, CA? Thanks Michael
  2. No Rust, must be near perfect and bone stock. Thanks [email protected]
  3. Car must be in near perfect shape, be bone stock and no rust? I am located in Huntington Beach, CA Thanks Michael
  4. I am located in Southern California.
  5. Hello, I had a 240 Z as my first car, and sorry that I sold it. I am thinking about buying another one as my play car, and have the following questions. 1. Does Nissan have anyway of giving you a certificate of authenticty, so you know what was delivered on your car, and the engine and tranny numbers. 2. Where is the best place to find a concours condition car? 3. What would that type of car cost? Thanks Michael
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