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  1. nah...my batt is charging a abotu 13.5 or so..at idel. since my tach blew out, i cant determine what its charging at while running....
  2. got it. i just figured since i replaced my charging system i shoudl be good. but ill look into it
  3. ok, i installed some driving lights and fog lights on my z. i turned them on and drove with them for abtou 5 miles, mayeb a bit more, and the lights shut off. the fuses did not blow they just stopped working. they woudl not come back on. the next day they worked again... im scared to drive at night cause now i have no lights that i can trust. these lights are wired seperately from all Z wireing. lights-relay-fuse-ground and battery-switch thats my horrible way of showing you aflow chart of how i wired it. any ideas?
  4. no..i ONLY hear it while driving. it doesnt happen all the time. and seems to go away at high revs. but it happend in 5th gear the other day, so im confused. i have no isses shifting what so ever. the sound goes away when i use the clutch. sometimes it wont happen for a long time (a day or so)
  5. hey, ive been told this MIGHT be the transmission mount bar or somehting loose in that area. this noise goes away when i step on the clutch, so its not the wheels or CV Boots. gotta be tranny related right? is this imprtant? or just another noise to fix
  6. dammit now my headlamps blew out, they are brandnew. i tested my battery for shits and giggles ad its showing abotu 13.32 volts NOT running. i also noticed that the tops to the water compartment had come off... never seen THAT before... so my immediatre solution was to go out and buy some driving lights and some fog lamps. both round and the good ones. hopefully whe it gets dark and i aim them, it will be kosher untill i get the regular lamps fixed.. any ideas what the hell is wrong? oh my horn stopped working also. ***NOTE*** all fuses are good
  7. curse you! where did you get a color guide? mines all black and white....
  8. yeah its the forward one. more towards teh radiator. its just a white fluid that appears to be hardened. kinda ashy
  9. ok, what is it for? ive had my car for over a year. dontthink ive put nearlky 15k on it this year. maybe more like 6k-9k TOPS
  10. they were workign..perhaps ill chek the relay.. its abtou 11 months old...dammit.
  11. ok, why does mine have 3...and its only using two? someone just replaceit with a later models version?
  12. exactly...luckily i coudl cancel the transaction with the bank, where so many otheres are just screwed.
  13. too many problems here..headlampos not working, than they do, no flasers, flashers, no flashers, now no hazzards. shodul i buy anew one? if so how much are they?
  14. yeah so on the passenger side of my engine block there is this round plug thing. there is white crap coming out of it. looks like its dr and it IS dry. shodul i replace that thaing? shoudl i NOT worry abotu it? what the hell is it?
  15. yeah so, um, my car doesnt have one of these fine items. i suppose i shodul pick one up, cause im tired of having to fill teh radiator every now and than. i was told a 2 qt one is fine. however, is there a specific one i shoudl get, ie: one that comes with a mounting bracket, etc?
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