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  1. The car wants to turn over. There are covers over the links. Let me know when you are free. 706-768-2938
  2. I'm looking to get it fixed as soon as possible, but there are all sorts of things I could use a hand with on that car if you'd be willing to come take a look and give me some ideas I'd pay your for your time.
  3. Sweet that might be my problem I haven't checked that yet and SHE (me) is driving reeboks right now.
  4. I replaced the filter when I replaced the pump.
  5. When I ran speaker wire straight to the fuel pump it worked properly.
  6. When you turn the ignition on the fuel pump does not run and the car does not start. Wiring seems to be good from the fuel pump relay to the fuel pump. It looks like the ignition relay is not functioning. I'm trying to locate it now.
  7. Habersham County about thirty minutes from you. I work in Gainesville. Small world.
  8. I have cleaned the corrosion off of the wires leading into my fusible links on several occasions and they still turn green with corrosion no matter what I do to them. Would upgrading to maxi fuses help this problem or do I need to replace part of if not all of the wiring harness? Car wants to turn over but will not start, replaced the fuel pump and checked the fuel pump relay. Always had a problem with my fusible links, but I let my car sit for over a year so now I can't exactly figure out whats wrong with it and I have nothing else to drive. Please help....
  9. I think I'm having the same problem with my Z car, only I have cleaned the fusible links on several occasions and no matter what I do they continue to corrode horribly. Would upgrading to maxi fuses solve this problem if the main wire (white and red) continues to corrode? How do I fix this for good?
  10. I have a 1977 280z. I have replaced the fusable links and cleaned the wires the best I could but the old wires are so corroded I'm not getting a good connection. Any ideas? I'm losing voltage somewhere also, I think it might have something to do with the radio I put in. Don't know where to start. . . .
  11. 1977 280z desperate need of head light covers and a new rear hatch. If anyone has got any ideas or somewhere to start looking please let me know. Thanks.