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  1. Notice the S130 gets no respect.
  2. The car is 82 280zx she is stock as far as I can tell. She is non-turbo.
  3. My car fires up on start up but it is very cold running. If you even think about touching the gas pedal it will fall on its face. But once its warmed up it runs ok. So I am assuming there is a sensor that controls timing for easy start ups. Am I on the right track and if so is this sensor in the water jacket somewhere.
  4. This my First Z. 1982 and I paid 500 for her. Looking forward to getting her on the road and having some fun.
  5. Thanks again for the help. I figured out the wires to the pig tail were backwards. I will get some pics up here soon as I find the camera and have some good day light. As a bonus I found a guy here local that specializes in all Z cars. East Coast Z Car Center.
  6. ok, so I hadnt touched the car in 3 days and today the battery was completely flat. I put a meter on the battery and pulled evey fuse to find the draw. No fuse stopped it. I then pulled the pig tail from the alt and it stopped. So I am second guessing the pig tail wiring. There is a blue and a white wire. Which spade does each wire go on so I can re check them.
  7. Thats cool. I figured it was just one of those over engineered things. I am going to clean up the engine bay as much as I can and getting rid of that blower and the duct work will be a big help.
  8. I am new to Z cars. I just bought an 82 and was noticing the fan for the cooler doesnt work. I want to know if that is something I can remove to help clean up the engine bay or should I get that fixed? Seems to me a tad bit of over kill as I have never seen anything like that before.
  9. Good news for me. I went to pick and pull and grabbed a pig tail off of a path finder. I put the new alt in and it is charging like it should. So thanks for the help. I will be checking in here alot.
  10. Ok As far as the alternator I went to all of them and the one that was bought was the same at every store. So I am going to go return the 77 alt and get the 82. I still need to figure the wires out, theres two white wires right now have female spade connectors crimped on.
  11. Ok, I am the proud owner of an 82 280. The person I bought it from said it needed a new alt. He purchased one but never installed it. Bought the car and drove it home on just the battery. Today I wanted to install the alt. I took the old one out but it didnt match the new one. I went to autozone to make sure the right one was purchased. The alt in the car matched up to a 77 280. The wiring on the back is hacked up so I am not sure how to hook up the alt. Can I make this alt work or not and if I can which wires go where.
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