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  1. Good to see more Z fans! Be sure to post pix if you pick one up
  2. Thanks Dave, I can't do it Friday but sometime next week I can stop by and we can figure something out! The LED's are homemade (Zs-Ondabrain) created them for me. And no, the side markers are not blinking (even though it appears like it). But I know thats possible since Dave's car does it. I may want that done sometime soon! As well with the LED front turn signals.
  3. Thanks dave, we still need to make a video with your car! Its so damn cold though.. ehh
  4. Just put on some ground control coilovers not to long ago, heres a video with them on!
  5. My cars only had one owner before me, "my mom" and she hardly drove it anyways then she had kids "my brothers and I" I like calling mine the Original Pearl
  6. My car as of now looks great, but one day ill get an older 240z and make it like Wangan Midnights Devil Z.... Just for fun. ha.
  7. My car is having that problem right now. I walked out of my garage smelling gas.. I opened my hood and turned the car on there was gas coming from one of the injectors... Now I don't know if its a bad injector or not because It just got new ones a year ago... No idea whats going on
  8. the people who ruin s30's like that should own a civic
  9. Im getting the Ground Control coilovers on my 280Z tomorrow morning, is that what this 240z has? Looks good
  10. Jim Carrey drives a 280z (2+2) in Bruce Almighty
  11. that's one nice piece of junk
  12. any Z car that looks eye appealing should be in a museum, because theres a $^!# load of piece of craps out there and its HARD to come by an extreamly clean Z
  13. well It was at its normal temp, but maybe I need to fix that guage... who knows
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