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  1. Hey, just logging in for the first time in a long time. I did provide a picture of the car which was posted above the day I picked it up. It was in good shape and I had donated it to another "new" club member named Barry in Long Island. He was suppose to make it into a club track car but quickly dropped off the face of the planet and then listed the car on Craigslist months later. He never answered my calls or Craigslist emails as had let him know what he did was a huge dishonesty and didn't want him around our club. Hope you are able to track the car down by vin.
  2. I sent you a PM. You can give me a shout 718-644-810zero Thanks, Clive
  3. So with all these B&W photos has anyone tried film/photo colorization? It is like trying to figure out US history vs world history in school of the same time frame but all the facts are not known. I think an official agreed upon timeline should be created that can be debated by each line and date. I know it is an old topic for a lot of you but some of us who don't have the stash of files and pictures are curious to know our Z history here in the states and across all ponds. Thankful of the knowledge you guys are putting out on this thread.
  4. Had to bump this topic as I was doing some reading and research on the story behind which Z actually showed up to the NY auto show in 1969. Has anyone been able to track down which 907 vin was at the show in NYC? So if I am getting my history lesson facts in order, the BSR vin #6 car had the roof dented and was given to Sharp BEFORE the NYC show. BTW, I was trying to get vin #6 down to the New York International Auto Show for the 2 weeks and there wasn't much interest even though Nissan is celebrating 50 years. I was able to organize a few local Z cars to be displayed as part of the Heritage cars, 2nd floor of the center and will have 35 local Z cars on display on 11th Ave while Nissan has their parade. I wish there was more talk of the history of the Z car at the auto show and information.
  5. Very nice looking FLZ. Are you on Facebook also? There is a Fairlady Z group there also. Most lean on HS30-H anyway for info but some information is out there. Check the block and head to see if you have a L20/E30 block/head combo.
  6. Bumping an old thread as I been trying to track down some of the vintage posters and origins for record keeping. I need more of the Nissan Comp books to see when some posters were available to the public. Post pics of what you have!
  7. Kats, what kind of shape was the 1971 z432 in to have no bids at all?
  8. Let me rephrase that, I have been collecting pictures of various items. I have a few BSR items, I have to get the pics onto the computer. I know more is out there! Do you remember who you shipped it to? I wonder if a member of the rochester Z club?
  9. Old topic but worth bumping. I have been working on my history collection of Datsun dealer items. Anything out there for sale? Send me a message.
  10. I have been good, I will drop you a pm. I posted enough on the sellers post. ?
  11. 100% agree that our market isn't where yours is. I believe the export market for us is where the highest $ for car can be seen. I think we agree that lots of cars we see on B.A.T. are not "restored" correctly and that term is so loosely used. I believe true gems, survivors and OEM restored cars will and should set the standard on value over time.... $60k+ and yes more with time. But a low vin car restored with all repop parts to me can't be placed in the same value. I see the values struggle because the core group of owners can't spend money on their Z car as if it was a Hemi powered muscle car. Lots of guys like to enjoy and drive them. Mod them as they go. Having both sides of the coin is great for the interest of the car. Hope the seller gets as much as he can and these cars live on through resto or part donors to another car. Someone needs something....
  12. I have watched the values for sure and if you think spending $50k to restore a car that might be worth $50k 20 years from now go right ahead. What people tend to forget, prices move with age and interest. Datsun Z cars have gone up in value but will never be a Porsche of the same era value. Datsun owners/lovers just don't spend the coin for these cars to ever stay at the $70k to $100k value. Trust me, I know of a few cars that have changed hands for high dollar but that is usually from one wealthy person to another because they have to have it and it will sit in a garage with their other collector cars. The 432R, 432, ZG and "69" model Z cars hold the highest value and will continue to due to their rarity and history. Most important, race history. I see Z cars, our market peeking in the next 10 years as the people who grew up with them start to age. People today wouldn't even spend $1000 for a set of new fenders but you think there are many out there willing to pay $80k. Don't think so......
  13. $100k? I don't see it. It would take $50-$75k to restore any of those cars to a $45k car. Are they valuable as part cars, yes if some of the early items are there and items like matching key set. Tracking parts down today will cost much more than 10 years ago due to the higher value on Z cars. But that higher value isn't bringing rusty vin tags to the price of running cars. If the shells were not as rough and way more complete, I would say they were worth $5k each imho. What would you ask for the pair of new fenders? I am in NJ also.
  14. The two 70 cars still have matching engines? Steering wheels, radios, center consoles? These are just way too far gone for resto, they need every panel.
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