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  1. Rent-a-cop = city employee. She's a volunteer. And ther fault because I was explaining to them the paperwork was in the glove box. Thanks. It's frustrating to sday the least. Everything show I am the properly registered owner, dmv shows that It's legal and plates are on the way (well were, I got'em the other day), but still it's not being released unless I pay the rediculously high yard fee's. I shouldn't have to. It was towed for no reason. When she pulled the vin and ran my id,. it should have some back as good. Even if it didn't, The paperwork was in the glovebox, and they already put it in gear to get it on the flat bed. . So I know they could get to the paperwork. Personally, I think it's theft, because she refused to even look at the paperwork. Had they done that, I would still have my datsun. Just ym two cents, and I think it's bs. Had she just looked, it would have been clear on the whole issue.
  2. I forgot to take the paperwork out (finally got the state to recognise me as current owner the day before, and paid for new plates and all that) and I told the rent-a-cop (volenteer citizen) that the papaer was there, and it would identify the datsun as legal to be on the street, and that the plates were in the mail. she wouldnt hear it and towed it. I went and got a copy of the paperwork needed and the vehicle si being refused to be given back by both the city and tow yard, so I've got a lawyer lookign into it, but untilk then, it sits in the tow yard.
  3. Ok, so it's been some time since I've posted or even been on this site. Thougth I would give ya'all an update. Right around the time I stopped posting, the city took my 280z. City rolled by my place and off it went. I have the number for the tow yard where it's at, and I might try to get it back at some point, but likely it wont happen. Sucks because I relaly liked my datsun too.
  4. I'm still here! Currently fighting to keep my Z. I have no where to park it. Manager won't let me keep it in the parking area. So it's on the street. >_> Anyway, I'm hoping to change over to a different starter motor, and get a clutch kit from MSA. I need some door hinges or whatever it is because those are broke. (damn! just saw the MSA price one them!! ) Aside form these, anybody have any ideas where to go? This is all provided I can keep it. Which will be tough to finagle convincing to keep it considering I have to deal with my '82 Jeep Wagoneer..
  5. Yeah, I know. But a family car accident (everyone's OK) and a few other things have forced my hand. I can only keep it to sell it. Man, I even went through and found out what all the spare parts are that came with it too. A full set of running lights, a new quarter window, and some other stuff. :/
  6. Ok, so I had to make a decision today. And it's a suck filled one. I really don't have much of a choice though. I have to choose between selling the car, and giving it up to kill-a-car. :/ Time and financial's are not on my side. I'll post an ad later. Also had my brother post an ad for me on craigslist so i can jet off to work.
  7. Arne, you are correct. Those Are Western Aluminum (sorry, I don't know a model name/number). I have the same ones on my Z. As for finding the 3 5/16", sorry, Can't help ya there.
  8. OK, so an update. I've been avoiding going down to my car other than to move it once this week. Manager complained, so I just moved it two parking spaces over to get her off my butt. I still can't find out about the clutch. I'm lost on it. Haven't been able to crack what the problem is. So, I'm have a mechanic come and look, hopefully Wed. Meanwhile, how do you remove the door? I was thinking of going over to the ever sad sight of pull-a-part and visiting the poor decimated vehicles in hopes of finding a door.
  9. Man, I wish y'all lived allot closer to me. Anybody have an extra 2+2 drivers side door? From what my so-called good friend (aka the car wrecker) said, the motor and transmission pull nicely. I'm gonna have to take his word for it, after looking at the door... Tomorrow, I'll go look. On the off chance it doesn't move, what would be a general area to go from there? I'm trying to be patient, but I also can only hold car for time longer. And if I must sell it, I'd rather sell her to you guys than to pick-a-part..
  10. And, any ideas on the clutch? I bled them, and nothing still. new master and slave.
  11. Oh I did. Due to my brother being on parole, we don't have beer around, so Coc0-cola is what we get. But, I did lose my mind for a time. I was just going nuts over that. Pics will be forth coming tomorrow.Looking at it now (well, earlier this evening), it doesn't look as bad as I though. Doors can be replaced. No frame damage, just a bit of fender denting. Hopefully nothing else is screwed up.
  12. It was a 17mm I needed. I replaced the slave, bled, nothing. No clutch. Plenty of pedal presure, but nothing going on because I can't put it in gear. I love my buddy he's a genious. While I went up to ym apt to grab a couple of sold cokes, he decided to place the car in reverse while it was off, and start it to see if it would go. Well it did.. and with the drivers door open, it went right into the pole that holds up the parking stall cover/overhang. Pulled the door completely backwards. I closed it, although the top is slightly not closed all the way. Now what do I do? I'm kinda wanting to sell it, simply because I don't have money to keep pouring into it. I really don't. Work is cutting hours, and so I just need to cut back on some stuff, and well, this is one of the things to get booted. If anybody wants it, I'll give a way better price than what I paid..
  13. I am...picked it up earlier today... And I get to go buy a few more wrenches tomorrow. I"m so drastically lacking on tools it's not even remotely funny. Thanks, Bonzi. With luck, and a decent break in rain, I can put the slave on today, and get that all bled out and test it.
  14. Fiveleaf, I was going to do that too, but, for now, I'm going to replace my wiring harness with one from black dragon/MSA.
  15. rjk, I'm not sure what part of my thread your referring to. I've solved the starting and fuel issues. As for the Brake/clutch part, I think I've got the solution, just need a break in the weather to swap the parts.
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