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  1. Here goes to someone that might wants and need it. Please see the link Datsun 240K GT Tail Light RARE not 240Z 260z | eBay
  2. So, why pay millions for a Picasso paint, isn`t it the same feeling? You have millions of paints from millions of people (and good ones too), why buy a Picasso them? These wheels are special and unique. if you see them close or in person, i would say that you change your mind. Besides that these have history too. You can have some wheels that looks like, but these are the originals ones. Thanks Filipe
  3. Hi They will go to USA. I think they will go to someone that really wants it... Thanks Filipe
  4. Hi All My very rare 240z rally wheels were sold today. I hope and i think they will go to a good home. Altought i had many offers outside Ebay from Japan, they were sold for its price. These wheels will give the final toutch to any rally replica car. Thank you all
  5. Hi Only (less then) 24 hours to end... I hope they go to a good home... Thanks Filipe
  6. Hi Ian You have right. The rallye wheels are wider them stock 432 240z cars and besides that they are lighter. The 432 wheels are 14" x 5,5" and rallye wheels are 14"X7". The weight is justify by the cut out on the spokes. Filipe
  7. The first picture are ( i think) a copy of original Kobe Seiko Wheels, made with its brand, under license but many years after, and they are not as mines that i have on sale. The rally wheels have them cuted off in the 4 little spokes of the wheels. If we look better we nottest that. Besides that the rally wheels can be lighter them the street wheels, shown in picture. I remenber see a set of these wheels on sale recently on Yahoo Japan for a HUGE price... See the link http://page7.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/g96942496
  8. Hi What about these on sale on Japan http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w67918502 Worth a look.... Filipe
  9. Hi Found on Ebay Kobe Seiko Rally Wheels for sale. It appears that someone made them in magnasium like originals and now they are for sale in 14" and 15" sizes. Great find to put your replica 240z works car or just your street car with them. I think they look great... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/DATSUN-240Z-WORKS-KOBE-SEIKO-WHEELS_W0QQitemZ280448628420QQcmdZViewItemQQptZUK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM?hash=item414c0a76c4 Filipe
  10. New Dashes are still available at Z Store and Classic Datsun Parts in Canada Filipe
  11. Hi Kats That is a great post! Keep us updating, ok? Thanks Filipe
  12. Nice, I was just in Portugal a week ago, I love it!

  13. Hi

    Its the original European spoiler used in UK/Euro cars... glad you like it

  14. I love the rear of your car, what spoiler are you sporting?

  15. HI That is funny to ear and the same is already being doing in Portugal. Almost every Car Manufactures are giving 5000€ to everyone that has a more them 8 years old car and wants to trade it for a new one that has a low CO2 polution. For what i can see here, i don`t see any Ferraris, Porsches or even Datsuns being hit by this program. Only one time i saw one or two pictures of old TE27 Corollas to crush... About selling parts from that cars, what i know is that almost every crushers that has that cars, they give all parts FREE, they don`t want any money and sometimes they have there a friend or an employe that put an add or something like it, advising people to come there and take all parts they want 100% FREE. I guess Classic cars will always be Classic Cars, but sometimes i think in our plantet too. Filipe
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