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  1. So; is the MSA BRE spoiler as well made as the Classic Datsun BRE spoiler? I'm about to buy one; but not sure.
  2. Thankyou Filipe from Portugal. I am very happy my splashpan arrived in Australia from Portugal. Felipe you are a star! This shows how Z enthusiasts from around the world can assist each other in restoring a Z. My own car is a 260Z which was still being sold in Australia until 1978. The US had already made the switch to the 280Z and beyond to counter new anti-pollution laws that sapped the power out of the venerable L6. The Z car never really mad great inroads into Australia. Similar to the USA Aussies are hooked on factory fitted Ford and GM V8 engines squeezed into compact size cars.
  3. I was unable to get the same splashpan over here in Australia. I contacted Filipe via this forum. Filipe has kindly bought me a new 280Z splashpan from Nissan in Portugal and is about to freight it to me in Melbourne Australia. It was easy. Even though I do not know Filipe at all I contacted him and transferred the money to him in Euros via PAYPAL. The Z community is good. I hope you have boxed it up really wll Filipe. I guess I'll see when I get it. Cheers mate.
  4. How's it goin' Filipe. Your car is fantastic as well. It is I; the splashpan man from Australia.
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