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  1. Interesting topic ! So these will have 4 hole, later version - what mounting hardware style will be included ? The early versions had only 3 holes in the trim rings as you may already know. I have a set of these but I'm a bit leary of installing these . Best of luck , I'm interested in the outcome and may order a set from you .
  2. John, can you explain / describe the change regarding handling with an LSD , or is this more of a racetrack need than regular weekend dry street tooling around ?
  3. I am having gear change issues . Frequently at a stoplight and in neutral , I find the trans is locked and won't shift out of neutral into gear without a big fight. Also the third to fourth shift can be notchy unless done slowly. Can this diff mount help ? The car is lowered 1.5'' with koni adjustable shocks.
  4. It's been a few years now since I've taken ownership of my '70 Datsun Z. I can't tell you how much a gear ratio change has improved the car. I went from around a stock 3:4 to 4:10 rear gears . The car is now ''awake'' and lives right in the best powerband/rpm situation. I have a 5 speed from around a '78 280z . A single 2'' Jaguar SU carb with a Crown Maunfacturing turbo kit , period correct . This car is now a real fun street car ! Do you have any single upgrades to share ?
  5. I bit the bullet - a hundred bucks from my Canadian Kia dealer . Will submit results when done for my '70 hatch .
  6. This might sound stupid , but what about the effects of a bad batch of gas ? Your original post suggests a possibility of a winter gas issue . Plugs will still be brown from previous use with good gas , masking poor octane consistency . Ever run Seafoam product ? I don't know , my 2 cents .
  7. '' because of a faulty ignition switch '' ??????? These switches are being turned enough by heavy key rings being jostled , thus disabling the airbag , or turning the engine off in vulnerable situations . I don't understand what you are trying to point out here ? Are you saying I'm wrong ? To me it's not just the switch , it's the driver more so .
  8. That ''poof'' of brown at impact is rust off of the Belair metal - I wonder if a rust free car would do any better ? The lawsuit is about failed ignitions - turning off at the absolute worst time , not crumple zones btw .
  9. Yep things go wrong if it can , it will . You should see the boat anchor of things hanging off of key rings these days ! Nail clippers,beer bottle openers, ID tags , a dozen other non auto related keys, padlocks, phones, mp3's, assorted metal figurines , a compass, even 3 sets of other car keys. Then they wonder why the ignition assembly gets jammed or worn out so quickly , or in this case shuts off in an intersection ! I would hazard a guess that a small percentage is actually GM 'S fault . The rest of the blame HAS to be put squarely on the driver . In no way will one or two keys turn an ignition off by being jostled by a bumpy road surface . No way hose . :tapemouth
  10. I tried that - I ground the end flat portion of the splined shaft 1 mm , still no go - new nos door panel, new plastic disc , nos handle. I've considered widening the slot of the splined shaft, but any mistake here would be bad news. The problem might be the width of the clip maybe ?
  11. ^ Really though , he's needing it to stay ON , not tips and tricks for removal ! I have the same problem , my NOS crank will not go on and stay on , and I know what I'm doing ! I have removed a ton of these in the past to remove panels to replace lock cylinders to many different makes of vehicles . It's almost like the retaining clip receiving slots are cut just shy of where they should be located on the crank arm - argh .
  12. Not to split hairs but the assembly is actually 5 parts - keys that go into a plug assembly , which fits into a housing assembly, which turns a cam , which lastly turns the electrical switch at the end. We'll ignore the steering lock parts. The obvious questions are : the car is over 40 years old, and chances are the entire assembly might have been replaced at least once already - so just reading the symptoms as described , I would replace the entire assembly , and before installation I would take the hopefully ''new'' lock assembly to a locksmith to have it keyed alike to the rest of the car locks - unless it's a dog's breakfast already and you don't care. Geez , all in one breath , too !
  13. Please . These complaints have been going on since the automobile and congestion was invented . Except for the bad behavior , each decade gives up a ''new'' sin - these years it's texting and driving, the 80's + 90's was drunk driving , probably earlier too . We just have to expect the worst out there, drive defensively , and get home in one piece .
  14. Drives me nuts - absolutely no interior pics or mention of anything really noteworthy except for the low VIN . Argh ......
  15. I am interested in buying this setup from you as a spare . Iam running a single 2''Jag SU , pics in my gallery . I was talking to a fellow in Oregon when he had one for sale complete in box for 375 less carb. That was 6 years ago , and he hemmed and hawed but decided to keep it. Anyway you can pm me or reply through this thread for more details !
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