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  1. Depends on the year... there is a different position in my 73 (random photo, not my car)
  2. Thank you but what the tire specs? Are they 225/50/15? Stock height? I would never guess that. It looks so right! Beautiful!
  3. Beautiful Z! What's the tire and suspension specs? looks ideal!
  4. The one I sell is indeed semi-automatic 😉
  5. as far as I know and searched a bit too, this is the one all use to replace their own and supposed to be the original one... and the original antenna is Harada. If it is a different Harada model and not this one, then this is my mistake and I am sorry if mislead previous buyers (if anyone needs a refund I can do it) but it still fits better than any other antenna. I will edit my post just because I am not certain 100%
  6. I am not sure about 1970. I think it fits in all 240z cars. let me do a research and let you know if I find something useful
  7. interested in the OEM shift knob but need to see a better photo. Can you add one from the side?
  8. Hey Bryan, thank you and sorry for the trouble... lets go again :) Datsun 240Z, NOS part, Japan made, closest antenna to oem (if not oem) Never been fitted!!! Mounting fittings and switch are included. Dimensions: total length 36mm, tube length 19mm. Rod is stainless steel, length is 1m, 5 sections. Price same as before... $189 shipped through paypal thank you
  9. Yes $189 shipped but you pay the PayPal expenses. Or else you can send $198 😉
  10. It is on auction to avoid buy now fees. You can have it , outside ebay, for $189 shipped
  11. I am selling this antenna on ebay... if you buy it outside ebay, you have 10% discount since I wont pay the fees on ebay 240Z Harada Antenna thank you
  12. any comments on these links? quaife price is £715.00 ($937) and the tractionconcepts is only $349 . I thought with this price I would get some comments. Any experience on the tractionconcepts diff?
  13. I found these and I post them for discussion... I think that the price of a quaife is reasonable if it is a bolt on fitment... the price of tractionconcepts is really good but how about quality? what's the difference in comparison with quaife? is this also a bolt on fit? anyone has experience on these?