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  1. Hey Does anyone know of a aftermarket supplier for front hubs for a 280Z. I have called all the usual places searched forums and googled it and nobody has them. Any help will do as my hub got all messed up when the bearing exploded! I have new bearings just no hub to put it in and the car is sidelined. Thanks,
  2. Looking for the next project...510 Wagon
  3. I like the plates you made. I also installed the S2000 seats in my 280 but i welded the stock sliders to the seat frame. And i have 3 inches from the headrest to the headliner. Only problem i find is that you rub the side/wing of the seat when entering and exiting the car.
  4. Not to muddy up this tread but would you know if this is a kaminari manifold? There is no numbers or name on it and it only has two mounting brackets. not sure if i will run into binding promlems also? Thanks.
  5. Wow, That is one pretty engine you have there! May I ask where did you get that fuel rail? Could you please let me know where you bought it from or is it custom? I would really like one of those. Thanks, Dean
  6. Sorry to bring up a old post but... If any one has a set of these 280 scuff plates in good shape and would like to part with them? Please PM me.
  7. Thanks Guys, Thats the look I was going for.
  8. Here is some pictures of the work we did on it over last winter...[
  9. Hey all, after a lot of thought I came to the conclusion that "no matter how much lipstick you put on a pig it's still a pig" Unfortunately Rust has gotten the best of my project! This Z (1972). It will need way to much attention. To much metal fatigue for my liking. So with that I parted out this vehicle. It had great interior and a crack free dash and a great motor and tranny - I recouped some of my money to fund the next project. Thanks,Dean Here is the new project 1976 280z
  10. Sariout, Thank you very much. This diagram is awesome! You just saved me a trip to the mechanic..
  11. It is rust on the ground! Thats just from opening and closing the doors. The rockes are pretty rusty along with the lower quaters, But hey I will change all of the rusty area anyways. A winter project... I'll document the whole resto.
  12. Its official I paid for her today. now I just have to get her home. here are a few pics of her, she's in rough shape and will require a full resto..
  13. Well after almost 4 years I have been bitten by the Z bug again... Just purchased a 72 beautiful little girl with butterscotch interior.. I bought it local (Ontario,Canada). It has been in storage since 1987 but looks like it had a hard few years before it was put away...Anyways can't wait to take her all apart and make her real pretty for my girl.. I'll post pics as soon as I get her home. Cheers, Dean
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