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  1. Bart, I just sold my 75 280 to soem guy in the South of France for $10000, not a con cours resto, but pretty good, probably somewhere between a 2 and 3 closer to a2 on the Hagerty scale.
  2. Sorry for not having been around for a while. Well my beloved 75 Z is sold and on her way to the South of France. A collector saw her for sale on E-Bay and we came to a satisfactory deal. I hated to see her go after all the blood(literally) sweat and tears plus a few screams of frustration that was put into her over the past 3 years. I have to thank lots of people on this site for assisting me in the rebuild, I could not have done it without your kind assistance all the responses to me sometimes repeated questions. Thank you all again and who knows, I may be back with another one in the future
  3. I just read thru this thread and it is amazing. Keep up the excellent work there JDM, you'll have a truly rare specimen of the Z car.
  4. Wish I had a spare 5K, that would be in my garage instead of my 280.
  5. Got to love the finger swipe of the dirt on the speedo to see the mileage. 4K is a bit to high IMO, looks like there may be a lot more tin worm disease as well as Bondo work. I would have to give it a real real close look see before making any offer. Just my 2¢.
  6. Thanks Pat, I'll give those places a shout and see what happens.
  7. I used a Grant steering wheel with their adaptor and had no issues with it being moved forward. The adaptor moves the wheel maybe 1/2 to 3/4" forward, the only issue I had was the tapered bushing from the old wheel was in 2 pieces, but using a small amount of lithium grease to hold it in place made it all work well.
  8. Its been a bit, but I put on the new dash cap, fit was/is really bad looks OK from about 10', it'll be easier to remove since there is very little silcon that makes contact with the dash. I'm still looking for a dash I can restore and replace the current one.
  9. mjr45

    Hanger Needed

    As soon as it quits snowing I'll take a look in my stash of parts and see what I have, I'll let you know.
  10. I decided to put on a full dash cap and I'm going to source another dash in better shape than mine, restore that dash and then replace mine with the cap. Thanks for all the replies. Mike
  11. mjr45

    Speedo Removal

    I tried several of the methods to get my tach out and never could get it to go. I suspect that different caps have different thickness's which may make the difference in pulling both gauges. I had to rip my cap off which because of how it was put on and did a lot of damage to my dash, a new cap is going back on today.
  12. Yup, a better dash would be a better starting point, after looking a lot more closely at mine, there is so much material missing that I fear it would next to impossible to actually repair, there are lots and lots of small pieces of the vinyl missing, cracked and broken that I would have to virtually cover the entire thing with the bumper repair stuff and then try to return it back to original form. I'm also not real sure that it wouldn't completely disintegrate when I took it out. Thanks. Mike
  13. The more I look at my dash, the more I'm thinking I will just put a cap on. I'm not sure if I have the skill to redo all the gauge lips without using a ton of restorative material. In the long run a cap might be the easiest and least messy way to do things.
  14. You guys are probably right, if I screw it up then I will just put on a cap. Here's some pics of the dash.
  15. I've looked thru the archives and the cost to send it out is a little prohibitive.
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