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Found: '73 Z!


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Found a 73 240 for sale in the area. Gotta go take a look at it. The fella said there is some rust...booooo. Could be fixable if it isn't too bad. He's only asking $750 for it but after talking to him on the phone he doesn't seem to be a Z enthusiast. He got the car form his father-in-law in 99' and hasn't done a whole lot to it due to time and money(he's got 5 kids:o ). He did say that most of the rust is on the passenger floor board.

So what's it take to replace floor pans on a Z? Wheres the best place to buy new ones and whats a typical welder charge to pop them in?

I'll be honest I wasn't really looking for a 73 but i got to thinking about the type of work I want to do, triple carbs...5 spd...twice pipes...panasports...spook...Orange regardless of original color, I don't really need to find a 70-71 to do that as long as it is a 240 thats all that matters.

Anyways, any info/ words of wisdom would be great to hear.



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Hi Nate,

I'd like to see you with a Z after all this time without one, but do be careful. Don't want to see you with a lemon, even if its a cheap one................

If there is rust in the floors then you can bet it will be elsewhere too. Make sure you have a good idea of what you are getting into.

Probably the best replacement floor panels ( and other parts ) are made by Zedd Findings in Canada: Zedd Findings

There will be others better-placed to give you advice relating to your specific needs for welding and repair shops in your local area - but I just wanted to give you a bit of encouragement mixed with a word of caution.

Good luck!

Alan T.

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MSA also sells Zedd Findings floor pans, they are the best. Get the premium ones if you get them from MSA and they will be the same as if you got them from ZF...

At least you aren't looking at hulks in Boofalo... hopefully the rust isn't that bad...

What they would charge would all depend on how much of the prep work you do.. if you stripped th einterior and floor pans for them and had it all ready to just cut out, fit and then weld back in, you'd probably get it done for half what they would charge if they did all the work...I've heard people say anywhere up to 1K for a shop to replace them.. so it isn't cheap.... :ermm:

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Hey Fellas,

Thanks a lot for the info. If I can land a Z in the next year or so I would seriously be stoked, but my current duty station is on board a ship that does about 3 months underway and 2 months in port... for the next 3 years!!! Storage is not a problem, and as badly as I want a Z, I don't expect to drive it more than it's trip home untill she is completed.

Over the past few years I've collected a bunch of info including the How To Restore Your Z book so I feel pretty good about my ability to survey the rust damage, that is untill I see that long elegant hood sloping down ever so gently into those set back headlight buckets:love:. I've got some pretty serious plans so in the next 5 to 6 years she would be torn down and in boxes than actually put together. I'll let you all know how it turns out... hey theres always Arizona.

Well thanks alot, I love you guys :cry:


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That's not what I wanted to hear at all jeff.:stupid:

So do tell... What kind of Z does 750 get ya on James Island.

He mentioned something about the passenger side floorpan... not to downplay floorplan replacement by any means but they are available and within my ability to take on, IMO. Please don't say frame rails or even major rust in the rockers... please don't.

Let me know if ya get a chance... Thanks Jeff.


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I hate to say it.......but

Passenger side rocker is toast......................I kinda stopped looking hard after that.........................floor pans are toast.

I am in the same boat as you.......I am looking for a good deal on a restorable car.

I will tell ya though................

I talked to the guy on the phone today. I think you could get the car for $500.00

At that price you should take a hard look at picking it up.

The car is off of Harborview behind the Piggly Wiggly.

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Man, It just ain't right!!!

I was out that way today but didn't stop ... didn't want to upset anybody.

I drove by though and I tell you, from the street she didn't look bad... guess I should have got out and taken a look. I got a little excited seeing that it was pretty much all stock... hubcaps and all.

I'll probably still go by tomorrow and get a little dirty... could be a good parts car???

Maybe we'll have to take a trip out west and pick a couple up :cheeky:


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Dude ya beat me!!!

Congragulations Jeff. Is this the '78 that was in the Auto Trader?

Well, believe it or not I spent an hour and a half combing over that '73 on James Island. As stupid as it sounds I'm still giving it some thought!:stupid: Just one more 240 saved from the Yard.

I can tell it was repainted at some point in time (10-15 years ago) but I can't find any dings in the sheetmetal. Of course it does have its fair share of cancer:disappoin .

The kicker to the whole thing is that it has all the original parts still there. The only thing I didn't see was the inside cover for the taillights.


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Keep looking at it Nate... be sure the rust isn't in a place that repair panels are not available for...

Outer rockers are one thing to replace, the inner rockers would have to be fabricated....

What's the firewall and under the battery tray look like?

How about the radiator support and inner fenders?

If you can, maybe take a look-see under the cowl and see if there is a lot of rust inside that could be a major PITA to fix.

Oh,BTW, you spelled squirrel wrong...ya nut......


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Yep....It was the green one from the auto trader........You are gonna crap when I tell you what I paid......................................

Lets just say less than the asking price of the one you are looking at :classic:

He handed me receipts of over $5k of resto work....paint job alone was $2500.00 last year.

Just made an offer and he took it.......

I am a happy happy happy happy man!

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Well here it is, basically a continuation to the last post.

This 73 has seen better days. Here is a list of what I found.

No one seems to like the 73 carbs and neither did a PO... It now has dual webers... not a bad thing.

It has some old-school A/C system... definately period correct... I could sell that... also not a bad thing

Manufacture date: 01/73

Chassis #: HLS30-141126

Blue w/Cream Interior


Still has all 4 original Z hubcaps.

Passenger floorpan is T O A S T! That frame rail under... yeah.

Driverside is following.

Front Fenders behind wheels are rust through. "fender extensions" forward of the fenders are bubbly.

Front bumber may have taken a light bumping but no body damage.

Rocker panels might be savable.

Quarterpanels in front of wheels are rot through.

Hatch one spot a 1 inch hole at the bottom left of the Hatch glass, which would explain the standing water in the spare tire well.

Bottoms of doors... not good.

left side mirror missing

More good stuff. Still has origianal steering wheel, all the glass is in good shape.

Oh lord fellas... what do I do?

Most get bit by the Z bug, But I'm being hunted down by the Z Lion and I'm having problems out running him.

If he's asking $750 and he bites at $350 should I tow it home?

I mean, at minimum who doesn't need a parts car?

one other thing... what is the pan that the floor pans meet in the rear, just ahead of the rearend? can that be bought?


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Not exactly sure which panel you are talking about.. but the only panel that is available is the floor pan itself... no other parts of the underside of the chassis are available as far as I know aft of the floor pans...:disappoin

The outer rear quarters are rotted through, but what about the inner panel? It's available, but would be another tough job.... but if you had to take off the rockers and outer quarters anyways....

If you got it for 350, you wouldn't do bad as far as a parts car...

depends on whether or not the mechanicals are in decent shape...

Seems there should be something better in that area.. at least that isn't all rusted out.... salt air on the coast probably would have been kinda tough on the cars.. maybe you should start looking a little further inland?

Oh, you'll either have to find a gas tank out of a parts car, or have that one repaired.. maybe Gas-Tank Renu?

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By the way........................I need a gas tank and I need to re-do the passenger side floor pan. (was not a good replacement job)

Also need a new exhaust system and some head work in the very very near future.

CoastGuard I may have a lead on a 260.............Very straight body....no motor.

The guy was going to do a V8 conversion and I beleive he lost interest.

I will make a call tomorrow if you like.

Car is in Summerville.

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Hey jeff,

Yeah that would be cool. Motor is not that big of a deal... tranny driveshaft and rear end would be though. I really kind of have my heart set on a 240 but would consider a 260 if the price is right. It would also have to be a M/T 4 or 5 spd conversion is fine. Do let me know what you find out. I am on a time constraint though... I leave Monday for 3 1/2 months If I don't have one before I leave I'll pick the search up again in January.

Thanks, Nate:cross-eye

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hey 2many...

I'm just 2picky is all. I've got to have a 4spd 240. If I wanted a zx there all over, on my 10 mile drive to work I pass 2 280zx's forsale within 3 miles of each other.

This 240 looks like some buffalo ride with the rot on the floor boards:dead: but all the other stuff seems good and to tell you the truth I think I like the cream interior after seeing this car.

Do me a favor and keep an eye out there in VA if you would... The longer I wait the more I'll be able to pay. If I wait long enough I'll end up going out west to pick one up.


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