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  1. High because it is HD. I am very scared....just burnt 1/4 tank of gas in 61 miles :stupid:
  2. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=7923192137&category=33742
  3. ok.................Great concept .... I did not read all the previous post but here goes. I will make it simple. I need a 100% complete wiring harnes for a 72 240z. Taillights to headlights (including attenna) The only question I have is................................................ How long and do you have a Paypal account?
  4. I had some rust issues under the battery tray...Cant find a replacement battery tray....Sooooo I picked up a VERY nice and pricey SS battery box to mount in the back of my 1970 240Z. My brother flipped out and said that I should never mount a battery inside the car. Could explode and kill ya. I see his point but the battery box I purchased is NHRA approved for cars that do not have a firewall. Do I have anything to worry about?
  5. If you are gonna go Lexan.....You had better start the savings account now.....That stuff is HIGH dollar!
  6. Windshield part # FW241 BBN Moulding part# WCR241 You will need to re-use the chrome locking strip from your front Moulding. Pay no more than $230 installed. ( Windshield $175 Moulding $55.00) This price allows the Glass shop to make a fair profit and you to get a good deal...........Nags list price on that windshield is $555.00)
  7. $55.00 plus shipping I only see one available in the southeast. I bought the other one for a spare last week
  8. Depends on the vehicle....most of our work is replacement. repair brings between $35 and $60.00 depending on the insurance company. Replacement goes from $190-$2000.00
  9. :hurt: My tech is ok....bruised and battered.....but he will be fine. He was lucky that the rig swerved at the last second
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