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Finally My 240z Video.


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Well guys i hope you like it as much as I do :). It's a video of my 240z going along.

About 2mb I manged to get it down from the raw 12mb it was so it did loose some quality. However you should be able to see it easily enough.

You can hear those dual pipes go :).


Server 1


Server 2

right click to save and if you can't get it working you'll need a DivX codec for it.

You can get it from www.divx.com :).

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I can't get that file;

Single click, it tries to use Windows Media Player to d/l and play it but comes up with an error straight away.

Save Target As, it tries to d/l, says it has but it's 1byte big.

Using FlashGet, Thinks it's downloaded it as well but it has a 1byte file of nothing, much like previous option.

:cry: :cry: :cry:

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I tried also I even created an html file to save it but it didn't work must be incomplete file and therefore obviously wasn't copied correct or hasn't allowed us access to it properly.

Not that I can complain he's doing me a favour you'll just have to make do with the geocities one I guess :(.

Sorry one day I plan on buying decent webspace and setting up a proper site for my project.

I have to get a digital camera first so I can document what's going on and hopefully help out others, much like Zgarage by Brian Little.

Anyway just keep hammering Geocities they deserve it.


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Your prayers will be answered :).

not sure about 7000rpm do you think my car would mind now that it has a blown head gasket?

What pisses me off most is my current 240z I baby never go past 6000 at the most usually 5,500rpm and my old 260z that had the P90 L28 I used to give a hiding and no headgasket.

Maybe I should drive my car how it was meant to be driven hard?

dunno that's life.

But i have plenty more video footage of my Z as well as a friends I plan on converting and doing some stuff with in Adobe Premiere.

Believe it or not that file you saw was originally 14mb raw I converted to DIVX and managed to get it around 2mb.

I also have footage of my old 2+2 when i was a bit younger a bit more immature and less caring of my car. I had it in a dirt car park and did lots of circles kicking up dust etc.. I was planning to add ACDC Thunderstruck like the Holden adds what ya think? :classic:

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Nice ride, mmmmmmmmmm.

I attempted to up the file to my gallery and am assuming got the same message as Gavin which is as follows:

Gav240zDualPipes.avi: Uploaded file not found

Typical reason is that the file exceeded allowed limits. :(

Oh well, at least I've seen it now. :classic:

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