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  1. I don't believe it did, tbh. Fairly certain that was one of a few things that was missing in the look-a-like conversion, very hard and very expensive to get everything. Actually, no. Lachlan's had the proper GT-R rear badge along with the 'SKYLINE' emblem, not 'DATSUN' so unless a lot has been changed in that regard then including the change from earlier rear reflectors to late, then that's not Lachlan's at all.
  2. Did you read the entire thread or just skip to the end? The people the initial "group buy" was supposed to be going through have the customer service skills of a hibernating bear in winter. Their contact is intermittent at best. Several people pulled out of the buy due to delays, another attempt is being made to get a whole new set of moulds made at a different place to the first one, though as yet there's nothing further in that regard. Personally I took matters into my own hands and started browsing Yahoo! Auctions Japan and using a buyer in Japan, managed to get myself a set of flares and
  3. Also, to give you an idea... If you scroll down on this entry on my blog; http://blog.retro-classics.co.nz/?p=1059 You'll see what R14 x 7.5 -13 wheels look like on factory guards. You can see that once the flares are on, they'll sit near flush.
  4. Depends entirely on the width of the wheels you have. For a KPGC110, the RS-Watanabe website recommends Front: R14 x 8.0 -6 Rear: R14 x 8.5 -13 Front: R15 x 8.0 ±0 Rear: R15 x 8.5 -6 Front: R16 x 8.0 ±0 Rear: R16 x 8.5 -6 Though with a bit of investigation, the user page shows a C110 on; Front: R16 x 8.5 -6 Rear: R16 x 9.5 -19 The only problem with the non recommended sizing is that you don't know whether the car in question is running coil-overs or factory struts or they're played around with the suspension geometry. Still... That's the kind of s
  5. Awesome stuff man. I've been spending up a bit on YAJ recently. Grille isn't really a large priority for me. I think a rear spoiler is my next purchase on there to be honest. As usual though, other things in the way that require the money. Have you still got flares etc. to send to AM to get moulds for them too? or does someone else have some? A reliable supplier will go down very well after everyone's encountered the joy of Challenge Fibreglass, I guess the Challenge part is getting them to do something How's your whole project coming along anyway, Kent?
  6. Someone with a sedan (yonmeri) may well be keen on these; http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e89209347 15000JPY Buy Now (currently approx. 220AUD)
  7. 50% of the total estimate which includes freight to where you are and then the final 50% after he's got the flares at his place ready to send to you. He's a great guy and a car enthusiast as well so knows and understands the fun/drama in finding parts.
  8. These are slightly damaged but nothing dramatic and could go for a fairly cheap price given their starting bid; http://page.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/122733419 If I didn't just get the ones I have I'd definitely be trying to get those through Ewan.
  9. Final cost to my door was 21720JPY or $386.60NZD but after the Bank Transaction fee's it was closer to $395.20NZD ($311.90AUD) So, only $30AUD more than the amount Challenge is after for theirs and yet they've come all the way from Japan. Considering I'd have to pay to get stuff sent from AU to NZ anyway, I think I've done pretty well. Flares themselves were bought on auction for 12000JPY ($213.60NZD) the rest is commission for the buyer (Ewan @ Hayatonka.com) and internal Japanese freight as well as International freight to New Zealand. Fairly reasonable given the time span (2 weeks from fir
  10. Hey, who would have thought? I was right when I said this... As of Friday past...
  11. It's possible, it just doesn't look quite right...
  12. To be honest man, you probably just haven't seen a well done example without those items. I prefer the flares, just because I love bolt on flares and the front spoiler is badass. However, there are some very, very fine examples of C110's without those items. A key to 110's and most cars in general is height and wheel fitment, get those right and not having the other items isn't a big deal at all.
  13. Hey man, don't take it against yourself. You're doing all you can, the point is that you shouldn't HAVE to do that. Their customer service skills are so below average that I think they might need a new designation only for themselves. Everyone appreciates your help and effort, I'm sure. :classic:
  14. I've bought some flares from Japan. Should get them quicker than Challenge will even respond to the next person's query. Like Mr. Camouflage says, careful with flares that aren't particular to the C110. Universal and S30 flares might fit the arch but they don't have the moulded sections for the body-lines. They're a fairly particular flare that goes almost all the way around the arch unlike some which just crest the arch.
  15. Remove my request for parts please.
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