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police z cars?


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Semi-unreleated but...

Wish I could find a picture. :( But we have in our local area a 280Z that was confiscated in a drug raid that was coverted to one those "Just say no" anti-drug cars.

It was painted as a Police cruiser (White, blue stripes, etc..) It had the "To serve and Protect" logo and state police badge. It also had Light bar on top.

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TexasZ I have no idea where the site it now I went through a stage of searching japanese Z car sites and could never read them just click on links hoping to get some images of cars and rare ZG models etc..

I think you can still buy them but maybe only from Japan.:classic:

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Seems like a long time ago I remember reading an article in Road and Track, or Motor Trend or one of those magazines about the Highway patrol in one of the southwest states that used Z31 Turbo's on the interstates. Seems like it was AZ, NM, OK or Texas...long before they went to Mustangs and Camaro's....

Anyone else remember that?

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I have seen models of zg patrol cars like Gav's but I have never seen a picture of a real one. Tomica makes zg patrol cars in their line and suposedly they only make miniatures of real cars. I would love to see a picture of one to verify this. Thank you.


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