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  1. Well, after many long years I have finally finished uni and have some time to start working on the Z again. However Since it was disassembled some parts have become mixed up with bits from the parts car(s), as it was all chucked into storage in a heap during a shed cleanup (when I wasnt finished). Id rather clean and paint the right parts first time round. The car is a 73 240Z The rear mousache bar, I have two types, one which is fairly straight, and one which has a sort of kink in it which would position the diff further forwards (all are from R180 Equiped cars) If it makes a difference, the
  2. hey whats up? i am having a hard time with these carbs which i jsut got repaired. they are the stock 260z carbs and were overhalled. i hooked them up correctly but it is not sucking gas or air. do you know how i could fix this problem?

    with much thanks

    - dustin

  3. Riding a scooter is like F#%cking a fat chick, its fun till your mates find out. It didnt happen until you get caught
  4. That's all folks, George and Dave get the remaining two. Cheers
  5. Yes, I still have the other two here. If you are in adelaide for work, I can probably drop one off to you (in there for uni most days now) Chris
  6. Hi guys, its been a while but I am gradually getting some work done on the Z. After much bashing and damaging my spare suspension arm, I decided to knock myself up one of the fabled spindle pin pullers. In the process of doing so I am left over with enough high tensile steel threaded bar to make two more of these. They are nothing fancy, basically a bit of CDS tube capped with a welded on washer or two at one end, a wheel nut welded onto a bit of threaded bar, you simply wind onto the bit of the pin sticking out, then tighten the nut on the other end and it is gradually drawn out. On the prot
  7. Its Z car related because it teaches us how to deal with any would be scammers within the Z car community. And the item in question was a set of shockers, I could lie and say they were Z shockers if it helps? Anyhow I think I have tracked the guy down (god bless myspace) and now have a contact for his boss within the armed forces. I left him a little note on his myspace page explaining all this and I am sure he will feel its time to do the right thing. Thanks for all your help guys. Chris
  8. No luck with that search, any one got one that can work straight off an adress. Mike a phone book is what you use to beat the crap out of someone through so it doesnt leave surface bruising .
  9. Hello all, Sorry to post this in the forum, but I was wondering if there were any residents of Yuma Arizona who would be able to help me track down someone who felt it necessary to take payment for an item then never take the time to ship it to me. Worse still they didnt have to ship it to me, just ship it to a friend in the states who is bringing back a car in the next few days. I was wondering if anyone had a phone book for the area and would be able to find a phone number if I provide them with a name and address. I am not willing to put their name up on a public forum, but if someone can h
  10. Nice project, just out of interest whats the mini project, an 850 or a cooper? Chris
  11. Just a point of interest, if you have a dry powder extinguisher mounted laying on its side, its practically useless, it will only discharge about 1/4 or less of its powder, unless you shake and tap it to get the powder down to the bottom for about 30 seconds or more. So whilst it may be great to have the extinguisher lying down in an out of the way place, its almost (but not quite) as useless as not having one at all. Chris
  12. The porsche CV joints are the same as the CV's on the larger BMW sedans (identical) The BMW shafts may almost be close to being the right length if you are lucky. A problem some people face with them is that over time in insane HP applications the bolts loosen off, this is fixed by using two dowels and four bolts to hold each CV joint on. Chris
  13. The 2+2 ones are the ones on the right, I dont think it would be a good idea to mix and match lengths, as it would affect the length of the axle as the end of that flange pushes against the inner bearing and would dictate how far out it sits? Might not be any problem if its only 4mm, infact 4mm of extra length holding the spline may be a good thing, unless it binds up the CV joints and breaks a cage letting the whole lot go leading to a heap of flogging going on.
  14. Hey guys, I sold the set here, and at the moment I just have the one set left which has already been spoken for. I think I have to make another pair for a friends racecar, which will mean investing in sufficient quantitites to make three more sets, if I do this I will let you all know. Nothing will be happening for another two or three weeks because of uni exams, but I will let you know if it does.
  15. I got my shell dipped in a non acidic (basically I think it was like a big drum of brake fluid but not oily). There is no damage to the underlying metal, and the residue left behind will dry to a white powder that can just be blown off the car. It means that a few nooks and crannies will be hard to get paint back into, but overall it means that I know exactly what the base car is like. I think there are some pictures in my gallery of it how it came back. Chris
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