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Reverse Gear Question


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My mistake.  I was thinking of the front cover.

Also remembered some old stuff about the reverse switch.  I think you mentioned it in your other thread about doing the rod instead.


It's not obvious in the first picture below but he's showing both positions filled with a switch.  The original hole and the new hole.


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Yes, sorry. It's a translation issue AND a cultural issue. Goes like this...

When investigating a mystery, it's important to hunt for clues and look into all possibilities in order to truly solve the mystery. And here in the US there is an old saying along those lines that goes:

"Leave no stone un-turned."

The meaning of which is "turn over every stone looking for clues as to what's really going on." or in other words, "When looking for the true root cause answer to a question, do a thorough investigation and make sure you look into everything."

Then also some time ago, some silly person manipulated that old saying juxtaposing letters and turned "leave no stone un-turned" into "leave no tern un-stoned" which is just a silly concept of a flock of seabirds stoned on drugs.   LOL

Back to the topic at hand, I was implying (in a silly stoned bird way) that it was unclear how the OP of this thread claims that his back-up lights worked a bunch of times before failing, but the current theory (wrong bell housing) should have made that completely impossible. It's a mystery that has not been solved.

I'm sure there is a similar saying in Dutch that would make no sense to me.   :beer:

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1 hour ago, dutchzcarguy said:

I'm Dutch.. but was never stoned.. i take a big detour when it comes to drugs.. NO to drugs!  Weed is available here and i know the smell ( Horrendously!!)  because i was a servce engineer for fire and burglar alarms..  Oh wow... it stinks to hi heaven!

It is a sweet, pungent scent.

The first time I encountered it I was barely 12 years old. I still like the fragrance of it.

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