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  1. I’m kind of ashamed to say that I got it from California Datsun. Unfortunately I didn’t know their reputation before I purchased it. That being said I’m hoping it is actually a rebuilt transmission and not just a used one that he painted to look rebuilt/refurbished. I’m not sure what the front case is made of but I think you guys hit the nail on the head that California Datsun put a 4 speed housing on it and didn’t line up the reverse switch properly.
  2. Oh awesome. Thanks so much for the explanation! I appreciate it!
  3. @Zed Head @zKars here are the video links on youtube 5th gear: Reverse gear:
  4. @Zed Head Here are two videos showing what the rod does when I move into reverse and 5th gear. It seems to do the opposite of what you're saying it should do. 144381119_ReverseGear.MOV 5th Gear.MOV
  5. Thank you. Yeah, I'm not seeing another location for a switch in front of the 5th gear (O.D.) one. Is it even possible that the rod was installed backwards to the point that it "turns into" a 5th gear switch instead of a reverse switch?
  6. @zKars - your picture looks like my first picture... which appears to be my 5th gear switch, not reverse. Unless the person who rebuilt the transmission put the rod in backwards... is that even possible?
  7. So I'm really confused here... this switch which I thought was the reverse switch seems, in fact to be the 5th gear (O.D.) switch. When I remove this switch and put the tranny in 5th gear, I see the "ramp" show up in the hole. When I put it in reverse, the rod moves just a little bit but the "ramp" is never visible. ... the only other switch that I see is this one (below - at the top of the picture) which I believe in the neutral switch. I didn't physically confirm this to be the neurtral... just assuming it's the neutral switch based on diagrams I've seen. Please correct me if I'm wrong. So where the heck is the reverse light switch? I don't see any other switches clearly evident or holes where a switch could go.
  8. That's a good suggestion... I'll try filing it and let you know. Thank you! What's odd is that it did work for the first 5-6 times putting it in and out of reverse.
  9. Yeah I've tried multiple new switches... I even got a switch that is reverse polarity... meaning pushing in the button makes the light go off (letting go of the button makes the light go on), but I doubt that would make a difference.
  10. I kind of doubt it's screwed in too tightly... I didn't torque it... only did it tight enough so that I wouldn't have anything leak out of it. @Zed [email protected] - is it possible the square headed plug that I’m seeing (next to where the reverse sensor is installed) was put in place of one of those switches? Or is that the proper location of the fill/drain plug?
  11. Thank you. I’ll see if I can pull out the reverse switch and take a picture in the hole. I purchase the transmission as a rebuilt/remanufactured transmission so hopefully it was done right. The only other issue I have is that once in a while it can be a little tough to get it into gear when the engine is cold but I just attributed that to being that the engine/transmission isn’t warmed up yet. It always gets better/normal once the engine/transmission is warmed up. The diagram that SteveJ showed me looks like there is a “top gear” switch right next to the “reverse” switch but I don’t remember seeing another switch that close to the reverse switch. is it possible the square head plug that I’m seeing was put in place of one of those switches? Or is that the proper location of the fill/drain plug?
  12. @Zed Head thanks so much for these pictures. It’s great to understand what is pushing the sensor internally. I have tested the switch out of the transmission and it works perfectly fine. I push it in with my thumb and the light goes on and I let go and the light goes off. When I put the switch back in the transmission, the light stays on constantly. I can take a picture but my understanding is that I have the 280zx 5 speed. The reverse sensor is in the passenger side of the transmission right next to the drain/fill plug (which has a square end on it). when you say that the rod may be moving inside the fork… what does this mean? Would I have any other symptoms if this is occurring?
  13. Thanks for the reply. I’m 99% sure I have it in the right spot because it worked originally when I installed it but after about a dozen or so times of going into reverse and back to 1st gear, the light came on endlessly so I just decided to unplug it. I would love to get it working again so I wanted to find out what specifically inside the transmission is pushing up against that button on the sensor…. and is it possible for it to get stuck?
  14. I have a 5 speed out of a 280zx in my 240z. At first the reverse lights worked correctly but now when the sensor (in the transmission) is connected, the reverse lights constantly stay on. I have tried multiple brand new sensors to no avail. When I put my pinky finger in the hole (where the sensor goes) it feels like something is there pushing in the button on the sensor and I guess not moving away regardless if I’m in reverse or now. My question is this… What inside the transmission pushes up against the this reverse light sensor? Is it possible for it to get stuck? I was hesitant to stick a tool in there to try to push (whatever is touching the sensor) back to its resting position. Thanks in advance!
  15. I switched back to points and it's running much better. When I removed the pertronix, I noticed that the plastic piece/ring at the bottom of the magnet piece was cracked... not sure if that had anything to do with the issue.
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